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Children and Pornography

Children and Pornography - State Laws

DelawareDelaware Code Title 29 > Chapter 66C - Delaware Children's Internet Protection Act
MichiganMichigan Laws > Chapter 722 > Act 33 of 1978 - Disseminating, Exhibiting, or Displaying Sexually Explicit Matter to Minors
New HampshireNew Hampshire Revised Statutes > Chapter 649-A - Child Pornography
New Hampshire Revised Statutes > Chapter 649-B - Computer Pornography And Child Exploitation Prevention
New MexicoNew Mexico Statutes Chapter 30 > Article 37 - Sexually Oriented Material Harmful to Minors
North DakotaNorth Dakota Code > Chapter 12.1-27.2 - Sexual Performances by Children
South DakotaSouth Dakota Laws > Title 22 > Chapter 24A - Child Pornography
West VirginiaWest Virginia Code > Chapter 61 > Article 8A - Preparation, Distribution Or Exhibition Of Obscene Matter To Minors
West Virginia Code > Chapter 61 > Article 8C - Filming Of Sexually Explicit Conduct Of Minors


Questions & Answers: Children and Pornography

I am in a dispute about exactly what risk of injury to a minor is when it comes to computers in the home. If a minor child walks in when a parent is watching pornography, isn't th...
If a 20 year old man is charged of this.. and his girlfriend is 3 and a half years younger than him.. can the charges be dropped? Im 16 and my mother does not want to press charges...
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