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Debt and Bankruptcy


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Consumer Bankruptcy

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Debt and Bankruptcy - State Laws

DelawareDelaware Code Title 10 > Chapter 73 - Insolvency
MaineMaine Revised Statutes > Title 10 > Chapter 211 - Insolvent Law
Maine Revised Statutes > Title 14 > Chapter 701 - Actions By Or Against Bankrupts And Insolvents
New HampshireNew Hampshire Revised Statutes > Title LVII - Insolvency Proceedings And Assignments For Creditors
North DakotaNorth Dakota Code > Title 13 - Debtor and Creditor Relationship
South DakotaSouth Dakota Laws > Title 54 - Debtor And Creditor


Questions & Answers: Debt and Bankruptcy

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Chapter 13 debtor, post petition, acquires an interest in real property that is secured and in foreclosure. Are the foreclosure efforts advanced before the asset was conveyed to t...
The debt collection agency wants to dismiss my debt and wife for dismissal of my appeal nice huh...
I am single and have a life ins policy at work and i have it to be split in 1/3 per child.I have 3. If I marry in the State of Alabama am I required to change it to my husband and ...
This is very informative and may be the answer I was looking for. My wife was taken out of work by a doctor and I cannot afford to pay back 3 small loans at finance companies. the ...
If an association [planned community] in Hawaii has recorded a deficiency lien against an owner who subsequently files for bankruptcy, can the association claim that this debt cann...

The Basics of Consumer Bankruptcy

Last Updated September 3, 2008

Bankruptcy is a federal court process that is designed to work with both consumers and businesses to eliminate debts or repay debts under the supervision of the bankruptcy court. Two basic types of bankruptcy generally apply to consumers and businesses: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy differ in the types of debts that are covered, who can file a particular type of bankruptcy and what property the person is allowed to keep.

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