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Election Law

Election Law - Selected State Laws

ArizonaArizona Laws > Title 9 > Chapter 7 > Article 3 - Elections and Voters
Arizona Laws > Title 16
Arizona Laws > Title 19
FloridaFlorida Statutes > Chapter 97 - Qualification and Registration of Electors
Florida Statutes > Chapter 98 - Registration Office, Officers, and Procedures
Florida Statutes > Chapter 99 - Candidates
Florida Statutes > Chapter 100 - General, Primary, Special, Bond, and Referendum Elections
Florida Statutes > Chapter 102 - Conducting Elections and Ascertaining the Results
Florida Statutes > Chapter 103 - Presidential Electors; Political Parties; Executive Committees and Members
Florida Statutes > Chapter 104 - Election Code: Violations; Penalties
Florida Statutes > Chapter 105 - Nonpartisan Elections
Florida Statutes > Chapter 106 - Campaign Financing
Florida Statutes > Chapter 107 - Conventions for Ratifying or Rejecting Proposed Amendments to Constitution of United States
MissouriMissouri Laws > Title IX
New YorkNew York Laws - Election
New YorkNew York Laws > Election
TexasTexas Election Code
VirginiaVirginia Code Title 24.2 - Elections


Questions & Answers: Election Law

Can a mayor escort voters to the polls to vote and stand around within the designated 100ft loitering? He(mayor) was on the ballot uncontested but there was a city council position...
is there a law in NYS or federal law that says a relative cannot be a teller?...
Candidate for U. S. Congress who has husband, job and home in Washngton, D. C. claims that she need not be a resident in Florida until she is elected. This statement defies common...
Patricia, Section 104.011 of the Florida Statutes deals with voting and election fraud, but your question is about residency requirements for election to Congress. These are esta...
Does the 40 per cent rule for runoffs apply to the countywide borough president election?...
How can a party committee member be removed as outlined in Sec. 2-116 when they have been elected by the voters in the election district they represent. It is my understanding tha...