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False Advertising

Use of “Free” in Advertising

Advertising "free" products or services in order to sell other products or services requires careful attention to ensure the advertisement is not deceptive or in violation of special regulatory requirements. The Federal Trade Commission and a number of states have created specific rules for such offers. More generally, these offers are often challenged under statutes prohibiting unfair or deceptive practices.


False Advertising - Selected State Laws

MichiganMichigan Laws > Chapter 750 > Act 328 of 1931 > Chapter VI - Advertising
New MexicoNew Mexico Statutes Chapter 57 > Article 15 - False Advertising
North DakotaNorth Dakota Code > Chapter 51-12 - False Advertising
Rhode IslandRhode Island General Laws > Chapter 5-81. Truth in Music Advertising Act
UtahUtah Code > Title 13 > Chapter 11 - Truth in Advertising
VirginiaVirginia Code Title 59.1 > Chapter 17.7 - Comparison Price Advertising Act
Virginia Code Title 59.1 > Chapter 38.1 - Truth in Music Advertising Act


Questions & Answers: False Advertising

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