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Home Foreclosure

How to Avoid Foreclosure

Homeowners having a tough time making ends meet need to determine the best strategy for keeping their mortgage payment paid. No matter how tough times get, it is imperative that you do your best not to miss a mortgage payment so that you do not have to worry about how to avoid foreclosure.


The Foreclosure Process

Foreclosure is the legal procedure in which someone who has a mortgage lien or other lien on real estate such as a home takes possession of the property and sells it to pay a balance owed by the owner. For the sake of simplicity, this article assumes that the holder of the lien is a mortgage lender.


Home Foreclosure - U.S. Code Provisions

U.S. Code > Title 12 > Chapter 38 - Multifamily Mortgage Foreclosure
U.S. Code > Title 12 > Chapter 38A - Single Family Mortgage Foreclosure

Home Foreclosure - State Laws

ArizonaArizona Laws > Title 33 > Chapter 6 > Article 2 - Foreclosure
DelawareDelaware Code Title 6 > Chapter 24B - Foreclosure Consultants And Reconveyances
HawaiiHawaii Revised Statutes > Chapter 480E - Mortgage Rescue Fraud Prevention Act
Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 667 - Mortgage Foreclosures
IdahoIdaho Code Title 6 > Chapter 1 - Foreclosure Of Mortgages And Other Liens
Idaho Code Title 45 > Chapter 16 - Consumer Foreclosure Protection Act
IndianaIndiana Code > Title 24 > Article 5.5 - Mortgage Rescue Protection Fraud
IowaIowa Code Chapter 654 - Foreclosure of real estate mortgages
Iowa Code Chapter 655A - Nonjudicial foreclosure of nonagricultural mortgages
Iowa Code Chapter 714E - Foreclosure consultants
Iowa Code Chapter 714F - Foreclosure reconveyances
MaineMaine Revised Statutes Title 14 > Chapter 713 - Miscellaneous Provisions Relating To Foreclosure Of Real Property Mortgages
MassachusettsMassachusetts General Laws > Part III > Title III > Chapter 244 - Foreclosure And Redemption Of Mortgages
MichiganMichigan Laws > Chapter 451 > Act 210 of 1933 - Trust Mortgage Foreclosure
MinnesotaMinnesota Statutes Chapter 325N - Mortgage Foreclosures
Minnesota Statutes Chapter 580 - Mortgages; Foreclosure by Advertisement
Minnesota Statutes Chapter 581 - Mortgages; Foreclosure by Action
Minnesota Statutes Chapter 582 - Mortgages; Foreclosure, General Provisions
New HampshireNew Hampshire Revised Statutes > Chapter 479-B - Foreclosure Consultants And Pre-Foreclosure Conveyances
New MexicoNew Mexico Statutes Chapter 39 > Article 5 - Sales Under Execution and Foreclosure
New Mexico Statutes Chapter 47 > Article 15 - Mortgage Foreclosure Consultant Fraud Prevention
New YorkNew York Laws - Not-For-Profit Corporation > Article 16 - Land Banks
New York Laws - Real Property Actions & Proceedings > Article 13 - Action To Foreclose A Mortgage
New YorkNew York Laws > Real Property Actions & Proceedings > Article 13 - Action To Foreclose A Mortgage
New York Laws > Real Property Actions & Proceedings > Article 14 - Foreclosure Of Mortgage By Power Of Sale
North CarolinaNorth Carolina General Statutes Chapter 75 > Article 5A - Home Foreclosure Rescue Scams
North DakotaNorth Dakota Code > Chapter 32-19 - Foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgages by Action
North Dakota Code > Chapter 35-22 - Foreclosure of Mortgages of Real Property by Advertisement
OregonOregon Statutes > Chapter 88 - Foreclosure of Mortgages and Other Liens
Rhode IslandRhode Island General Laws > Chapter 5-79. Mortgage Foreclosure Consultant Regulation
Rhode Island General Laws > Chapter 5-80. Mortgage Foreclosure Purchasers
Rhode Island General Laws > Chapter 34-27. Mortgage Foreclosure and Sale
South DakotaSouth Dakota Laws > Title 21 > Chapter 47 - Actions To Foreclose Real Property Mortgages
South Dakota Laws > Title 21 > Chapter 48 - Foreclosure Of Real Property Mortgage By Advertisement
South Dakota Laws > Title 21 > Chapter 48A - Nonjudicial Voluntary Foreclosure
South Dakota Laws > Title 21 > Chapter 50 - Foreclosure Of Real Estate Contracts
South Dakota Laws > Title 21 > Chapter 52 - Redemption From Sale On Execution Or Foreclosure
TexasTexas Business and Commerce Code > Title 2 > Chapter 21 - Regulation of Certain Residential Foreclosure Consulting Services


Questions & Answers: Home Foreclosure

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