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Arizona Laws > Title 12 > Chapter 9 > Article 4.1 - Garnishment of Earnings

§ 12-1598Definitions
§ 12-1598.01Scope of article
§ 12-1598.02Grounds for issuance of writ of garnishment of earnings
§ 12-1598.03Application for writ of garnishment for earnings
§ 12-1598.04Issuance of writ of garnishment for earnings; service and return of writ; lien on nonexempt earnings
§ 12-1598.05Initial lien
§ 12-1598.06Time for answer
§ 12-1598.07Objection to garnishment, answer or nonexempt earnings statement; hearing
§ 12-1598.08Answer of garnishee to writ of garnishment of earnings; filing; delivery; notice
§ 12-1598.09Discharge of garnishee
§ 12-1598.10Continuing lien on earnings; order
§ 12-1598.11Continuing lien procedure; nonexempt earnings statement
§ 12-1598.12Reporting by judgment creditor
§ 12-1598.13Contempt proceedings; default of garnishee
§ 12-1598.14Priority
§ 12-1598.15Taxing costs
§ 12-1598.16Forms
§ 12-1598.17Mailing; receipt; presumptions
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leroy : ...
I got garnished .began about. Year a half ago my license suspended. job terminated . And other garnishes. Never never received. Any of my money and now my life is on hold because. People cant d there job right....... what do i do.????

August 12, 2013

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