§ 14-1 Definitions
§ 14-2 Appointment of Commissioner of Motor Vehicles
§ 14-3 Powers and duties of commissioner
§ 14-4 Findings and rulings of commissioner
§ 14-4a Conduct of hearings and rendering of decisions
§ 14-5 Branch offices
§ 14-5b Discontinuation of branch offices
§ 14-5c Department closed or unable to perform transactions due to emergency or other reason. Extension of expiration date or period of validity of credentials issued by commissioner
§ 14-6 Coordination of enforcement activities
§ 14-7 Deputy commissioners
§ 14-8 Police authority of commissioner and inspectors
§ 14-9 Oath of office
§ 14-9a Criminal background checks for applicants for employment with department and certain department employees. Reassignment of employee with disqualifying criminal offense or condition
§ 14-10 Definitions. Records. Disclosure of personal information and highly restricted personal information. Penalty. Regulations
§ 14-11 Employment of legal assistance
§ 14-11a Exceptional issuance of certificates and licenses for law enforcement activities. Verification by Chief State’s Attorney of statements on application for such certificates and licenses
§ 14-11b Driver training program for persons with disabilities
§ 14-11c Motor Carrier Advisory Council. Members. Duties
§ 14-11d Annual safety inspection program for fire department apparatus
§ 14-11i Payment of fees by credit card
§ 14-12 Motor vehicle registration. Application. Issuance by dealers. Misrepresentation. Registration number and certificate. Requirements for registration. Regulations. Temporary registration
§ 14-12a Registration of certain motor vehicles garaged or operated in Connecticut
§ 14-12b Presentation of insurance identification card or policy and statement that minimum security will be continuously maintained required for issuance of registration. Investigation of violations
§ 14-12c Verification of security coverages. Surrender of plates, when. Penalties for failure to insure or maintain insurance and for presentation of fraudulent identification card
§ 14-12f Provisions inapplicable to certain vehicles
§ 14-12g Suspension of motor vehicle registration for violation of mandatory security requirements. Suspension of motor vehicle operator’s license. Consent agreements
§ 14-12h Maintenance and compilation of record of all suspended registrations. Availability. Stop and detain procedures. Removal of plates. Seizure, impoundment and forfeiture of vehicle
§ 14-12i Restoration fees. Reimbursement to entities returning confiscated registration number plates to the department
§ 14-12j Agreements with qualified independent contractors to provide consulting and other services
§ 14-12k Regulations
§ 14-12l Collection of Social Security numbers and federal employer identification numbers. List of persons to whom motor vehicle registrations issued to be provided to Commissioner of Revenue Services
§ 14-12o Courtesy registration when proof of ownership pending
§ 14-12q Vehicle identification card
§ 14-12r Inspection of vehicle identification number
§ 14-12s Administrative fee
§ 14-12t Regulations
§ 14-13 Registration certificate and insurance identification card to be carried in vehicle
§ 14-14 Registration of motor vehicles owned by minors. Proof of financial responsibility
§ 14-15 Leasing or renting of motor vehicles. Issuance of temporary transfers
§ 14-15a Registration of vehicles leased or rented for use in Connecticut
§ 14-15b Motor vehicle rental contracts. Required notice re collision damage waiver. Prohibited sales and advertising practice
§ 14-15c Repossession of rented motor vehicles by rental companies
§ 14-16 Transfer of ownership. Designation of beneficiary. Fees. Penalties
§ 14-16a Inspection of older vehicles before or upon transfer of ownership. Historical or special interest fire apparatus. Antique, rare or special interest motor vehicles. Modified antique or composite motor vehicles
§ 14-16c Insurance companies’, persons’, firms’ or corporations’ duties re totalled vehicles and certificates of title. Operation and inspection of totalled vehicles. Regulations
§ 14-17 Notice of change in appearance or equipment
§ 14-17a Notice of change in registrant’s address
§ 14-17b Notice from United States Postal Service re change of address. Powers of commissioner
§ 14-18 Display of number plates and stickers. Issuance of sample number plates. Return of number plates to commissioner
§ 14-19 Registration of fire apparatus
§ 14-19a Regulations re issuance of special number plates to members of qualifying organizations. Issuance and renewal of collegiate special number plates. Discontinuance of special number plates
§ 14-19b Issuance and renewal of collegiate commemorative number plates. Fees. Establishment of account
§ 14-20 Number plates for antique, rare or special interest motor vehicles. Issuance of number plates corresponding to year of manufacture. Registration. Regulations
§ 14-20a Number plates for volunteer firefighters
§ 14-20b Number plates for veterans and members of the armed forces. Return and nonrenewal of number plates
§ 14-20c Number plates for immediate family of residents killed in action with armed forces
§ 14-21 Number plates for amateur radio licensees
§ 14-21b Issuance of reflectorized number plates. Display. Infraction
§ 14-21c Number plates for manufacturers of motor vehicles or automotive equipment
§ 14-21d Prisoner of war and congressional medal of honor registration and number plate
§ 14-21e Number plates commemorating Long Island Sound. Voluntary lighthouse preservation donation. Fees. Voluntary habitat restoration donation. Regulations
§ 14-21f Keep Kids Safe number plates. Fees. Regulations
§ 14-21g Keep Kids Safe account
§ 14-21h Number plates for animal population control. Fees. Regulations
§ 14-21i Greenways commemorative number plates. Fees. Regulations
§ 14-21j Amistad commemorative number plates. Fees. Regulations
§ 14-21k Amistad commemorative account
§ 14-21l Olympic Spirit commemorative number plates. Fees
§ 14-21m Olympic Spirit commemorative account
§ 14-21n State and municipal police officers killed in the line of duty memorial number plates. Fees
§ 14-21o United We Stand commemorative number plates. Fees. Regulations
§ 14-21p United We Stand commemorative account
§ 14-21q Childhood cancer awareness commemorative number plates. Fees. Regulations
§ 14-21r Childhood cancer awareness account
§ 14-21s Wildlife conservation commemorative number plates. Fees. Regulations
§ 14-21t Wildlife conservation account
§ 14-21u Support Our Troops! commemorative number plates. Fees. Support Our Troops! account
§ 14-21v Support for nursing profession commemorative number plates. Fees. Nursing account
§ 14-21w Share the Road commemorative number plates. Fees. Regulations. Share the Road account. Use of image
§ 14-22 Expiration and renewal
§ 14-22f Cancellation of motor vehicle registration in error or failure to maintain accurate record of registration. Remedies
§ 14-23 Refunds on registrations to persons in armed forces
§ 14-24 Heavy duty trailers. Heavy construction equipment. Gross weight of tractor-trailer units
§ 14-25 Registration not required for trailers used as parade floats
§ 14-25a Identifying registration certificate and marker for certain construction equipment
§ 14-25b Registration of vehicle as special mobile equipment or special mobile agriculture vehicle
§ 14-25c Registration of motor vehicle used as a student transportation vehicle. Distinctive marker plates
§ 14-25d Registration of DUKW or similar amphibious vehicle. Restrictions or prohibitions imposed by traffic authority
§ 14-26 Motor or service buses, taxicabs, school buses, motor vehicles in livery service and school buses used in part in livery service
§ 14-27 Number plates for public service motor vehicles
§ 14-27a Number plates for vanpool vehicle. Minimum insurance requirements
§ 14-28 Passenger motor vehicle plates for livery cars or taxicabs
§ 14-29 Owners of motor or service buses, taxicabs, school buses, school transportation vehicles and motor vehicles in livery service to furnish insurance or bond
§ 14-31 Refund of registration fees for motor vehicles with commercial registration unfit for use
§ 14-33 Renewal of registration denied for failure to pay motor vehicle property tax or fines for parking violations. Collection of delinquent property tax by commissioner. Issuance of temporary registrations by city, town, borough or other taxing district
§ 14-33a Notice to commissioner of tax payment
§ 14-34 Reciprocity of registration
§ 14-34a Reciprocal agreements apportioning the registration of commercial vehicles
§ 14-35 Transporter’s registration
§ 14-35a Restrictions on owner of motor vehicle with suspended registration. Prohibitions on operation of motor vehicle by motor carrier. Penalties
§ 14-36 Motor vehicle operator’s license
§ 14-36a Classification of operators’ licenses. Designations; endorsements. Penalty
§ 14-36b Renewal
§ 14-36c Specification of class of license
§ 14-36d Acquisition and installation of equipment. Renewal without personal appearance of holder. Regulations re renewal by mail or electronic communication
§ 14-36e Course in motor vehicle operation and highway safety
§ 14-36f Regulations concerning driver education programs
§ 14-36g Restrictions on transportation of passengers and hours of operation of vehicle by holders of motor vehicle operator’s licenses who are sixteen or seventeen years of age. Exceptions. Regulations. Penalties
§ 14-36h Contents and features of operator’s license and identity card. Issuance to persons on active duty. Veteran status indicated
§ 14-36i Seizure and forty-eight-hour suspension of operator’s license of person who is sixteen or seventeen years of age for certain violations
§ 14-36j Commissioner to amend regulations re content of safe driving instruction courses. Attendance by parent or guardian
§ 14-36k Conviction of person under age eighteen for operating motor vehicle without operator’s license. Penalty
§ 14-36l (Note: This section is effective July 1, 2013.) Transmission of registration information to the Selective Service System upon application by person under twenty-six years of age for issuance or renewal of license
§ 14-37 Limited license on proof of financial responsibility by owner
§ 14-37a Special operator’s permit for purposes of employment or education
§ 14-37b Applicant without license from any state, United States territory or certain foreign countries. Requirements. Regulations
§ 14-38 Recall, suspension or revocation of minor operator’s license
§ 14-38a Instruction manual printed in Spanish
§ 14-39 Nonresident operators. Reciprocity concerning equipment, marking and inspection of vehicles
§ 14-40 Operation of motor vehicle owned by resident of foreign country
§ 14-40a Motorcycle endorsement. Motorcycle instruction permit. Examination. Penalty
§ 14-40c Hearing upon denial or suspension of operator’s license
§ 14-41 Expiration and renewal of operators’ licenses, identity cards and permits. Fees. Notice
§ 14-41a Renewal of license for persons age sixty-five or over
§ 14-41b Validity of operator’s license held by member of the armed forces following separation from service or return to state
§ 14-41c Renewal of operator’s licenses and identity cards of incarcerated persons
§ 14-42 Application for operator’s license or identity card. Anatomical gift
§ 14-42a Agreement with procurement organizations. Inclusion of information re procurement organizations in driver education programs
§ 14-43 Misrepresentation renders license void
§ 14-44 License endorsement for operators of commercial motor vehicles used for passenger transportation, school buses, student transportation vehicles, taxicabs, motor vehicles in livery service and motor or service buses. Requirements. Hearing. Appeal. Report r
§ 14-44a Commercial driver’s license required for operation of a commercial motor vehicle. Exceptions. Penalty
§ 14-44b Prohibition re more than one driver’s license
§ 14-44c Application for commercial driver’s license or commercial driver’s instruction permit. Penalty
§ 14-44d Information on commercial driver’s license. Classifications
§ 14-44e Limitations on issuance of commercial driver’s license. Qualification standards. Waiver of skills test. Requirements for license endorsement to operate vehicle transporting hazardous materials. Commercial driver’s instruction permit
§ 14-44f Penalties for supplying false information to obtain commercial driver’s license
§ 14-44g Driving record information. Notification of commercial driver’s license issuance. Expiration of license. License renewal procedures
§ 14-44h Expiration and renewal of commercial drivers’ licenses. Notice
§ 14-44i Fees for commercial driver’s license and tests. Waiver
§ 14-44j Notification of convictions, suspensions, revocations and cancellations by holder of commercial driver’s license. Information re previous employment. Penalty
§ 14-44k Disqualification from operation of commercial motor vehicles. Disqualification offenses. Lifetime disqualification. Mitigation of lifetime disqualification
§ 14-44l Notification of traffic convictions
§ 14-44m Authority to enter into agreements with other jurisdictions
§ 14-44n Notification of violation to licensing authority of another state
§ 14-44o Transition requirements re motor vehicle operator’s licenses and commercial driver’s licenses
§ 14-45 Change of address notice by holder of operator’s license or identity card. IV-D support cases. Penalty
§ 14-45a Regulations re standards for licensing of persons with health problems, referrals to medical advisory board, vision standards. Vision screenings
§ 14-46 Report re persons with chronic health or vision problems
§ 14-46a Motor Vehicle Operator’s License Medical Advisory Board: Definitions
§ 14-46b Establishment of board. Membership. Compensation. Executive session
§ 14-46c Responsibilities of board; recommendations
§ 14-46d Confidential use of reports or records. Testimony re reports or records
§ 14-46e Recommendations of board to be advisory. Failure to comply with requests of commissioner or board
§ 14-46f Immunity from civil liability
§ 14-46g Right of appeal
§ 14-47 Fees for registering motor vehicles eligible for commercial registration and tractors
§ 14-48 Fees for registering commercial tractor and semitrailer as a unit or separately
§ 14-48a Registration of commercial truck-tractor
§ 14-48b Registration fee of semitrailer drawn by truck-tractor
§ 14-48c Registration of commercial motor vehicle engaged in seasonal operations
§ 14-48d Registration of leased motor vehicle. Regulations
§ 14-49 Fees for miscellaneous registration and other fees
§ 14-49a Fee for registration for six months or less
§ 14-49b Registration renewal fee
§ 14-50 Fees for operator’s license renewal, passenger endorsement, operator’s examination, collection cost and returned check or rejected payment. Waiver of fees
§ 14-50a Fees for copies, abstracts, duplicates, replacements and searches. Restriction on use of information. Penalty
§ 14-50b Fee for restoration of operator’s license or registration. School bus seat belt account
§ 14-51 Definitions
§ 14-51a Civil penalties
§ 14-52 New car dealer’s, used car dealer’s, repairer’s and limited repairer’s licenses. Cash or surety bonds. Penalty
§ 14-52a Grounds for refusal to grant or renew license
§ 14-52b Surrender of new car dealer license in event of cancellation, termination or failure to renew franchise by manufacturer. Manufacturer to operate as a dealer on a temporary basis. Issuance of used car dealer’s license to entity owned or controlled by a man
§ 14-53 Location of business to be approved
§ 14-54 Location to be approved by local authority
§ 14-55 Hearing
§ 14-57 Appeal
§ 14-58 Application. General registration of motor vehicles. Documents to be issued to drivers. Photostatic copies of registration certificate as proof of ownership. Return of void number plates. Penalty
§ 14-59 Special dealers’ plates for trucks or other vehicles with commercial registration
§ 14-60 Use of dealers’ and repairers’ plates
§ 14-61 Issuance of temporary transfer of registration by dealer. Fee. Return of number plates and registration applications by dealer
§ 14-61a Dealer to file application for permanent registration and certificate of title by electronic transmission
§ 14-61b Dealer records, documents and forms maintained in electronic format. Production in written format
§ 14-62 Order and invoice on sale of motor vehicle; information required. Dealer preparation charge. Conveyance or processing fee. Certificate of title on sale of used motor vehicle or sale of motor vehicle at auction. Safety inspection of used motor vehicle
§ 14-62a Sale of new motor vehicle; information re price
§ 14-62b Sale of used motor vehicle parts
§ 14-63 Regulations. Customer complaints. Stipulation by licensees
§ 14-64 Suspension and revocation of licenses. Civil penalties. Restitution orders
§ 14-65 Auction permit. Exception. Regulations. Penalties
§ 14-65a Exemption of dealers in certain trailers. Authorized transactions of marine dealers
§ 14-65e Motor vehicle repairs: Definitions
§ 14-65f Motor vehicle repairs, written or oral authorizations and written acknowledgments. Estimates. Claims
§ 14-65g Waiver of estimates. Record of authorizations and of required information. Estimate of charges for diagnosis
§ 14-65h Invoice requirements for motor vehicle repair work. Return of replaced parts
§ 14-65i Signs required to be posted in motor vehicle repair shops
§ 14-65j False statements. Charges for repairs not performed. Completion of repairs
§ 14-65k Investigations. Subpoenas. Injunctions
§ 14-65l Motor vehicle repairs: Notice included in appraisal or estimate
§ 14-65m Motor vehicle repair shop participating in motor vehicle repair program established by an insurer. Written acknowledgment required
§ 14-66 Wreckers. Towing and transporting. Distinguishing number plates
§ 14-66a Regulations
§ 14-66b Operators of wrecker services to maintain records
§ 14-66c Sale or disposal of motorized personal property. Penalty
§ 14-67 Qualifications of licensee; bond; fees. Solicitation of service contracts
§ 14-67a Application for license. Requirements. Renewal
§ 14-67b Manufacturer’s obligations re warranty
§ 14-67c Suspension or revocation of manufacturer’s license. Civil penalty
§ 14-67d Manufacturer’s registrations. Fees. Financial responsibility
§ 14-67g Definitions
§ 14-67h “Major component parts” defined
§ 14-67i Certificate of approval of location required. Exemption
§ 14-67j Intermediate processors. Permit and license required. License required to transport vehicles or parts processed by intermediate processors. Records of vehicles or parts received, dismantled or sold. Inspection. Regulations
§ 14-67k Hearing on application. Fee
§ 14-67l License and fees. General registration of motor vehicles. Documents to be issued to drivers of such motor vehicles. Compliance with environmental statutes and regulations
§ 14-67m Record of vehicles or major component parts received, dismantled or sold. Inspection of records, vehicles, parts and premises. Receipt of certificate of title. Penalty
§ 14-67n Use of general registration restricted. Number plates for motor vehicles being towed. Fees
§ 14-67o Revocation of license upon sale or transfer of business
§ 14-67p Suspension or revocation for violation
§ 14-67q Commissioner may impose conditions concerning establishment and maintenance of yards
§ 14-67r Fencing
§ 14-67s Ordinances creating restricted districts
§ 14-67t Publication of ordinances
§ 14-67u Appeal
§ 14-67v Penalty. Injunction to restrain violation
§ 14-67w Scrap metal processors exempted. Receipt of motor vehicles. Required information. Inspection of premises and records. Retention of records. Regulations
§ 14-68 Definitions
§ 14-69 License to conduct a drivers’ school. Penalty
§ 14-70 Grounds for denial of application
§ 14-71 Schedule of rates to be filed
§ 14-72 Suspension, revocation or refusal to renew school license
§ 14-73 Instructor’s license. Master instructor’s license. Regulations
§ 14-74 Suspension, revocation or refusal to renew instructor’s license
§ 14-75 Revocation or suspension of license after renewal
§ 14-76 Hearing for reinstatement or renewal. Appeal
§ 14-77 Records of licensee
§ 14-78 Regulations for conduct of drivers’ schools and instructor license requirements. Limited license
§ 14-79 Penalty
§ 14-80 Mechanical equipment
§ 14-80a Maximum noise levels
§ 14-80b Ball joints and tie rod ends. Prohibition on certain installations and attachments to
§ 14-80h Brake equipment of motor vehicles. Compression brake device to be equipped with muffler. Regulations
§ 14-80i Brake equipment and handlebars of motorcycles
§ 14-81 Brake equipment of trailers
§ 14-81a Hydraulic brake fluid
§ 14-81b Restrictions on used brake drums and brake discs
§ 14-82 Free-wheeling devices
§ 14-96a Lighted lamps and illuminating devices required, when
§ 14-96b Head lamps
§ 14-96c Tail lamps. Illumination of rear registration plate
§ 14-96d Reflectors
§ 14-96e Stop lamps. Turn signals
§ 14-96f Special requirements for buses, trucks, trailers, truck tractors
§ 14-96g Colors of lamps and reflectors. Reflective sheeting on certain vehicles
§ 14-96h Mounting of reflectors and clearance lamps
§ 14-96i Visibility of reflectors and clearance, identification and side marker lamps
§ 14-96j Vehicles operated in combination
§ 14-96k Projecting loads. Carrying of animals
§ 14-96l Sufficiency of head and rear lights. Parked vehicles
§ 14-96m Farm tractors and equipment
§ 14-96n General lighting requirements
§ 14-96o Spot lamps. Fog lamps. Auxiliary passing lamps. Auxiliary driving lamps
§ 14-96p Color of lights. Flashing or revolving lights. Authorized use of blue or green lights
§ 14-96q Special restrictions on lamps. Flashing lights
§ 14-96r Color of stop lamps. Turn signal lamps
§ 14-96s Fender, backup and identification lamps. Penalties
§ 14-96t Multiple-beam road-lighting equipment
§ 14-96u Use of multiple-beam road-lighting equipment
§ 14-96x Head lamp of motorcycle
§ 14-96y Number of head lamps. Number in combination with other lamps
§ 14-96z Intensity of certain lamps. Location of red light
§ 14-96aa Standards and specifications for lamps for snow-removal and highway maintenance equipment
§ 14-96bb Operation of motor vehicles without required lighting devices
§ 14-96cc Regulation of hazardous lighting equipment
§ 14-97 Defrosting devices on school buses and motor vehicles used to transport passengers for hire
§ 14-97a Emergency lighting or reflecting devices on motor vehicles used to transport passengers for hire and motor vehicles with commercial registration
§ 14-97b Lift equipment on motor buses
§ 14-98 Tires
§ 14-98a Tires to be in safe operating condition
§ 14-99 Mirror. Motor vehicles with commercial registration to allow others to pass
§ 14-99f Windshield. Obstruction of view
§ 14-99g Definitions. Tinted or reflectorized windows. Obstruction of view prohibited. Exceptions. Sale or delivery of motor vehicles having tinted or reflectorized windows prohibited. Stickers required. Penalty. Window tinting businesses. Regulations
§ 14-99h Etching of vehicle identification numbers. Marking of component parts. Penalty. Regulations
§ 14-100 Safety glass. Use of plastics
§ 14-100a Seat safety belts. Child restraint systems. Wheelchair transportation devices
§ 14-100b Air pollution control devices required on certain passenger motor vehicles
§ 14-101 Turn signals
§ 14-102 View in and exits from motor vehicles used to transport passengers for hire
§ 14-102a Inspection of student transportation vehicles
§ 14-103 Inspection of motor vehicles
§ 14-103a Inspection of reassembled, altered or reconstructed vehicles. Composite vehicles. Vehicles made by unlicensed manufacturers
§ 14-103b High-mileage vehicles, regulations re safety and performance standards
§ 14-103d Vehicles using any pressurized gas as fuel. Regulations. Class C misdemeanor
§ 14-104 Fenders and other wheel protectors
§ 14-105 Television screens or similar devices prohibited. Exceptions
§ 14-106 Air conditioning equipment
§ 14-106a Tamper-resistant odometer required. Mileage reading required on registration application
§ 14-106b Properly functioning odometer required. Tampering with odometer prohibited
§ 14-106c Headerboards required on commercial van-type motor vehicles
§ 14-106d Sale or offer for sale of fake air bag prohibited. Unfair or deceptive trade practice. Penalty
§ 14-107 Liability of owner, operator, lessee
§ 14-108a Uniform investigation of accident report. Requirements and policy for identifying and notifying person’s family or household member of motor vehicle accident in which person was killed
§ 14-110 Oaths and subpoenas. False statements or reports
§ 14-111 Suspension or revocation of registration, license or right to operate
§ 14-111a Possession of alcoholic liquors in motor vehicles by underage persons
§ 14-111b Suspension of operator’s license following conviction for speeding
§ 14-111e Suspension or delay in issuance of operator’s license for person under twenty-one convicted of certain violations
§ 14-111f Suspension of operator’s license for possession of counterfeit or altered license
§ 14-111g Operator’s retraining program
§ 14-111h Definitions applicable to driver license agreement
§ 14-111i Entry into driver license agreement. Regulations
§ 14-111j Findings and declarations re driver license agreement
§ 14-111k Application for a motor vehicle operator’s license from applicants in other member jurisdictions
§ 14-111l Driver control record. Record of convictions and administrative actions
§ 14-111m Notice of failure to comply with a citation
§ 14-111n Reports of comparable convictions. Suspension of operator’s license
§ 14-111o Form and use in evidence of records received from other member jurisdictions. Electronic transmission
§ 14-111p Validity of reports or records received from members of the Driver License Compact
§ 14-111q Hearing
§ 14-112 Proof of financial responsibility
§ 14-115a Request for document from motor vehicle record
§ 14-129 Self-insurance
§ 14-134 Appeals from commissioner
§ 14-135 Attorney General to act when commissioner is disqualified
§ 14-136 First complaint
§ 14-137 Authority to make regulations and certify or limit the use of devices and equipment
§ 14-137a Point system for motor vehicle violations
§ 14-138 State police to assist
§ 14-140 *(See end of section for amended version of subsection (e) and effective date.) Release on own recognizance. Report of failure to appear or to pay fine or fee, surcharge or cost. Reciprocal agreements. Opening of judgment
§ 14-140a Automobile club bail bond certificates, when acceptable as bail
§ 14-141 Courts to report convictions and other dispositions to commissioner
§ 14-142 Proceedings against negligent court clerk
§ 14-144 No fees for arrests for motor vehicle violations
§ 14-145 Towing or removal of motor vehicle from private property
§ 14-145a Express instruction of property owner or lessee required for towing or removal of motor vehicle. Rebate prohibited
§ 14-145b Storage and release of towed motor vehicles
§ 14-145c Liability of property owner or lessee for improper towing or removal of motor vehicle
§ 14-146 Objects not to be thrown at motor vehicles
§ 14-147 Improper use of marker, registration or license
§ 14-147a Theft or illegal possession of number plate or sticker
§ 14-148 Abandoned markers
§ 14-149 Mutilated or removed vehicle identification, factory or engine number. Discovery of vehicle reported as stolen or of vehicle or major component part with mutilated or missing identification, engine or factory number. Disposition of vehicle or part held in
§ 14-149a Ownership or operation of chop shop
§ 14-150 Abandoned or unregistered motor vehicles and motor vehicles which are a menace to traffic. Notice. Removal. Storage. Hearing. Lien. Sale
§ 14-150a Removal of abandoned motor vehicles by municipalities. Notice
§ 14-151 State marshals and constables to enforce law concerning abandoned motor vehicles
§ 14-151a Report by owner or person in lawful possession of theft of motor vehicle. Regulations re uniform procedure. Report as condition precedent to settling insurance claim
§ 14-152 Report by law enforcement agencies of theft or recovery of motor vehicle
§ 14-153 Renting of motor vehicles
§ 14-153a Exemption. Penalty
§ 14-153b Proof of credit
§ 14-154a Liability of owner for damage caused by rented or leased motor vehicle. Exceptions
§ 14-156 Receipts of Department of Motor Vehicles to be credited to Special Transportation Fund
§ 14-159 Refund of money paid to commissioner
§ 14-160 Reservation of marker plate numbers. Additional fee for low numbers
§ 14-161 Impersonation of inspector or agent
§ 14-162 Ordinances
§ 14-163 Commissioner to provide lists of motor vehicle and snowmobile owners to town assessors. Disclosure by assessor or tax collector prohibited
§ 14-163a Driving on ice
§ 14-163b Motor vehicles formerly used as ambulances
§ 14-163c Motor carrier safety regulations for intrastate or interstate commerce. Variations or exemptions. Enforcement powers of police officers and motor vehicle inspectors
§ 14-163d Vehicles in intrastate or interstate commerce. Evidence of security requirements or insurance. Suspension of registration
§ 14-163e Periodic inspection of certain vehicles or combinations
§ 14-164 General penalty
§ 14-164a Motor vehicle racing