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Connecticut General Statutes > Title 19a > Chapter 368v - Health Care Institutions

Connecticut General Statutes > Title 19a > Chapter 368v

Current as of: 2013
§ 19a-485Home for the aged deemed to mean residential care home
§ 19a-486Sale of nonprofit hospitals: Definitions
§ 19a-486aSale of nonprofit hospitals: Certificate of need determination letter. Application for approval
§ 19a-486bSale of nonprofit hospitals: Approval by commissioner and Attorney General
§ 19a-486cSale of nonprofit hospitals: Powers of Attorney General. Grounds for disapproval by Attorney General
§ 19a-486dSale of nonprofit hospitals: Disapproval by commissioner. Powers of commissioner
§ 19a-486eSale of nonprofit hospitals: Public hearings
§ 19a-486fSale of nonprofit hospitals: Appeal
§ 19a-486gSale of nonprofit hospitals: Denial of license
§ 19a-486hSale of nonprofit hospitals: Construction of governing law
§ 19a-487Mobile field hospital: Defined, board of directors
§ 19a-487aMobile field hospital: Certificate of need exemption for hospital beds and related equipment
§ 19a-487bMobile field hospital: Regulations
§ 19a-490Licensing of institutions. Definitions
§ 19a-490a"Community health center" defined
§ 19a-490bFurnishing of health records and veterans' information. Access to tissue slides or blocks. Certified document re storage of and access to health records upon cessation of operations
§ 19a-490cMoratorium on licensing of family care homes
§ 19a-490dPrevention of accidental needlestick injuries in health care facilities and institutions
§ 19a-490eUse of E-codes by hospitals, outpatient surgical facilities and outpatient clinics
§ 19a-490fRequirements for reports of treatment of wounds from firearms
§ 19a-490gBilingual consumer guide
§ 19a-490hEmergency room screening of trauma patients for substance abuse. Assistance by and reporting to the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
§ 19a-490iInterpreter services and linguistic access in acute care hospitals
§ 19a-490jHospital plans for remediation of medical and surgical errors
§ 19a-490kAdministration of care and vaccinations to patients by hospital without physician's order. Permitted activities. Regulations
§ 19a-490lMandatory limits on overtime for nurses working in hospitals. Exceptions
§ 19a-490mDevelopment of surgery protocols by hospitals and outpatient surgical facilities
§ 19a-490nAdvisory committee on Healthcare Associated Infections. Members. Duties
§ 19a-490oEstablishment of mandatory reporting system for healthcare associated infections. Annual report
§ 19a-490pDevelopment of plans by hospitals to reduce incidence of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus infections
§ 19a-490qHealth care employer: Work place safety committee; risk assessment; workplace violence prevention and response plan; adjustment to patient care assignment. Regulations
§ 19a-490rHealth care employer: Records and report re incidents of workplace violence
§ 19a-490sHealth care employer: Report of assault or related offense to local law enforcement agency
§ 19a-491License and certificate required. Application. Assessment of civil penalties or a consent order. Fees. Minimum service quality standards. Regulations. Prohibition
§ 19a-491aInformation required for nursing home license. Procedure upon failure to provide information
§ 19a-491bNotification of criminal conviction or disciplinary action. Civil penalty. False statements. Criminal history records checks
§ 19a-491cCriminal history and patient abuse background search program. Regulations
§ 19a-491dProspective employees of home health agency to submit to comprehensive background check. Disclosure re prior disciplinary action
§ 19a-492Regulations re qualifications of home health care administrators employed as such on January 1, 1981
§ 19a-492aDisclosures by home health care agencies
§ 19a-492bHome health care agencies. Discrimination against persons receiving aid. Prohibition. Penalties
§ 19a-492cHome health care agencies. Waiver for provision of hospice services
§ 19a-492dVaccinations and medication administered by nurses employed by home health care agencies or homemaker-home health aide agencies
§ 19a-492eDelegation of medication administration by registered nurse to homemaker-home health aide. Regulations
§ 19a-493Issuance and renewal of license. Scheduled and unscheduled inspections. Annual report. Change of ownership
§ 19a-493aEvaluation of certain new licensees
§ 19a-493bDefinition of outpatient surgical facility. Licensure and exceptions. Compliance with certificate of need requirements. Dental clinics not subject to section. Waiver of certain licensure regulation requirements
§ 19a-494Disciplinary action
§ 19a-494aEmergency summary orders
§ 19a-495Regulations re licensed institutions. Implementation of policies and procedures re medications
§ 19a-495aUnlicensed assistive personnel in residential care homes. Certification re administration of medication. Regulations. Nonnursing duties
§ 19a-495bResidential care homes. Operational requirements. Conforming amendments to the Public Health Code
§ 19a-496Compliance with regulations
§ 19a-496aHome health care agency services ordered by physician licensed in a state which borders Connecticut
§ 19a-497Filing of strike contingency plan. Summary order. Civil penalty: Notification and hearing requirement. Regulations. Collective bargaining implications
§ 19a-498Inspections, investigations, examinations and audits. Retention of records
§ 19a-498aDiscriminatory practices prohibited
§ 19a-498bNursing homes. Admission of residents who have been administered a level two assessment. Annual survey by Department of Public Health to include comparison between recommended services and actual services. Responsibilities of nursing home administrators a
§ 19a-499Information to be confidential. Exceptions
§ 19a-500Penalty for material false statement
§ 19a-501Appeal
§ 19a-502Penalty for operating without license or owning property without certificate. Revocation or suspension of license for failure to yield financial information
§ 19a-503Authority re establishment, conduct, management or operation of institution without a license or nursing facility management services without a certificate
§ 19a-504Removal of bodies of deceased persons from presence of patients in hospitals, residential care homes and rest homes
§ 19a-504aContinuation or removal of life support system. Determination of death
§ 19a-504bHome health care for elderly persons
§ 19a-504cRegulations; standards for hospital discharge planning
§ 19a-504dHospital discharge plans; options of home health care agencies required
§ 19a-505Maternity hospitals; license; inspection
§ 19a-505aHospital to provide forms for birth certificate and affidavit of parentage to parents of child born out of wedlock
§ 19a-506Licensing of maternity homes. Fees
§ 19a-507New Horizons independent living facility for severely physically disabled adults
§ 19a-507aCommunity residences for mentally ill adults. Definitions
§ 19a-507bEstablishment of community residence. Limitations. Petitions
§ 19a-507cEvaluation of community residences
§ 19a-507dPetition for revocation of license of community residence
§ 19a-507gAdult day health care facilities. Regulations
§ 19a-508Notice of appointment of interns, house officers and resident physicians
§ 19a-509Hospital and nursing home admission forms. Hospital bills. Utility charges for nursing home patients
§ 19a-509aAudits of hospital bills. Charges
§ 19a-509bHospital bed funds
§ 19a-509cPrescription orders in health care facilities
§ 19a-509dTranscription and execution of verbal medication orders
§ 19a-509eReferrals required for certain patients showing symptoms of substance abuse
§ 19a-509fProhibited utility charges to residents of residential care homes, nursing homes and rest homes
§ 19a-510aReporting of treatment for burn injuries or injuries resulting from use of fireworks
§ 19a-511Nursing home administrators to supervise homes. Definitions
§ 19a-512Licensure by examination. Minimum requirements
§ 19a-513Licensure by endorsement
§ 19a-514Issuance of administrator's license. Nontransferable
§ 19a-515License renewal. Continuing education requirement
§ 19a-517Unacceptable conduct. Notice. Hearing. Revocation or suspension of license. Appeal
§ 19a-518Penalty
§ 19a-519Regulations. Programs of instruction and training
§ 19a-520Changes in regulations to meet federal requirements
§ 19a-521Nursing home facilities. Definitions
§ 19a-521aDual inspections of chronic and convalescent nursing homes or rest homes with nursing supervision
§ 19a-521bBed clearance of nursing home facilities
§ 19a-521cPrescription drugs obtained through United States Department of Veterans Affairs prescription drug program or health plan by patients of nursing home facilities
§ 19a-521dPrescription drug formulary systems in nursing home facilities
§ 19a-522Regulations concerning nursing home facilities' health, safety and welfare. Regulations concerning immunization against influenza and pneumococcal disease. Reimbursement procedures
§ 19a-522aChronic and convalescent nursing homes and rest homes with nursing supervision: Resident room and area temperature levels
§ 19a-522bChronic and convalescent nursing homes and rest homes with nursing supervision: Maintenance and preservation of patient medical records
§ 19a-522cChronic and convalescent nursing homes and rest homes with nursing supervision: In-service training
§ 19a-522dChronic and convalescent nursing homes and rest homes with nursing supervision: Maximum time span between meals; bedtime nourishment
§ 19a-522eChronic and convalescent nursing homes and rest homes with nursing supervision: Stretcher requirement
§ 19a-522fChronic and convalescent nursing homes and rest homes with nursing supervision: Administration of peripherally inserted central catheter by IV therapy nurse
§ 19a-523Injunction for violation
§ 19a-524Citations issued for certain violations
§ 19a-525Contest of citation. Informal conference. Hearing. Final order
§ 19a-526Effect of final order. Payment of civil penalties
§ 19a-527Classification of violations
§ 19a-528Criteria for imposing civil penalties
§ 19a-528aApplication of licensure for the acquisition of a nursing home. Required disclosures
§ 19a-529Appeal from final order
§ 19a-530Report to regional ombudsman
§ 19a-531Advance disclosure of inspection, investigation or complaint prohibited. Exception. Penalty
§ 19a-532Discrimination against complainants and others prohibited. Penalty
§ 19a-533Discrimination against indigent applicants. Definitions. Prohibitions. Record-keeping. Investigation of complaints. Penalties. Waiting lists; not required to accept indigents. Removal from waiting lists
§ 19a-534Emergency transfer of patients; notice requirement
§ 19a-534aEmergency actions against nursing home licensees
§ 19a-535Transfer or discharge of residents. Notice. Plan required. Appeal. Hearing
§ 19a-535aResidential care home. Transfer or discharge of patients. Appeal. Hearing
§ 19a-535bChronic disease hospital. Transfer or discharge of patients. Notice
§ 19a-536Inspection reports to be available for inspection. Room to be provided. Notice of availability
§ 19a-537Definitions. Nursing home responsibilities re reservation of beds. Reimbursement. Readmission
§ 19a-537aReservation of beds. Penalty. Hearing
§ 19a-538Annual report by Department of Public Health concerning nursing home facilities
§ 19a-539Disclosure of additional costs. Enforcement of surety contracts
§ 19a-540Posting of citations. Monthly report by Department of Public Health
§ 19a-541Receivership of nursing homes: Definitions
§ 19a-542Application for receivership. Hearing. Parties. Emergency order
§ 19a-543Imposition of receivership: Grounds
§ 19a-544Imposition of receivership: Defenses
§ 19a-545Duties of receiver
§ 19a-546Authority of receiver concerning leases, mortgages, secured transactions
§ 19a-547Appointment of receiver. Qualifications of receiver. Removal. Bond. Fees
§ 19a-548Accounting by receiver
§ 19a-549Termination of receivership
§ 19a-549aNotification by nursing home facilities when placed in receivership or petition for bankruptcy filed
§ 19a-550Patients' bill of rights
§ 19a-550aPatient's rights pursuant to Medicare conditions of participation
§ 19a-551Management of patient's personal funds
§ 19a-552Failure to comply with section 19a-551: Penalties
§ 19a-553Disclosure of crimes required. Penalty
§ 19a-554Attorney General to assign assistant to Commissioner of Public Health
§ 19a-555Chronic and convalescent nursing homes. Medical director. Personal physicians
§ 19a-559Advisory board. Membership. Duties
§ 19a-560Disclosure of Medicaid and Medicare participation and advance payment and deposit requirements by nursing homes
§ 19a-561Nursing facility management services. Certification. Initial applications and biennial renewals. Investigation. Disciplinary action
§ 19a-562Alzheimer's special care units or programs. Definitions. Disclosure requirements
§ 19a-562aPain recognition and management training requirements for nursing home facility staff. Staff training requirements for Alzheimer's special care units or programs


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