§ 26-1 Definitions
§ 26-3 Powers and duties of commissioner
§ 26-3a Acquisition of easements for maintenance of dams
§ 26-3b Rental, sale, exchange or transfer of real property and buildings in the custody or control of the commissioner. Right of first refusal
§ 26-3c Procedures and processes for use of Internet and other means for issuance of hunting, fishing and trapping licenses, permits, stamps and tags. Schedule of retainage by agents
§ 26-5 Appointment of conservation officers, special conservation officers and patrolmen
§ 26-6 Powers and duties of conservation officers and patrolmen
§ 26-6a Constables for fish and game protection
§ 26-6b Search of containers by conservation officers
§ 26-6c Immunity from attachments
§ 26-7 Volunteer assistants
§ 26-8 Ordinances controlling use of waters not applicable to department or employees
§ 26-9 Annual exhibition
§ 26-14 Federal aid for fish restoration projects
§ 26-15 Fish and wildlife restoration projects. Funds for programs and functions of Bureau of Natural Resources
§ 26-15a Appropriations to Bureau of Natural Resources. Federal aid. Annual report
§ 26-15b Annual report re license, permit, stamp and tag fees and expenditures for fish and wildlife programs
§ 26-16 Public hunting and fishing lands and waters
§ 26-17 Release of fishing or hunting rights
§ 26-17a Acquisition and preservation of tidal wetlands
§ 26-18 Fish or game for propagation
§ 26-19 Motor boats in Bantam River
§ 26-20 Signs on rights-of-way to state ponds or streams
§ 26-21 Notice not to be destroyed
§ 26-22 Control of aquatic plants and animals
§ 26-23 Abandoned or discarded fishing or hunting implements
§ 26-24 Use or disposal of seized articles
§ 26-25 Commissioner may declare closed season or extend open season
§ 26-25a Regulation of feeding of wildlife on state-owned property
§ 26-25b Disclosure of stocking schedules
§ 26-25c Release of lighter-than-air balloons restricted. Penalty
§ 26-26 Enforcement in state boundary waters of fish and game laws
§ 26-26a Northeast Conservation Law Enforcement Compact
§ 26-27 Licenses required for hunting, trapping and fishing. Exceptions
§ 26-27a Junior licenses
§ 26-27b Hunting or taking of waterfowl, stamp required. Connecticut Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp
§ 26-27c Reproduction and marketing of stamp as artwork. Migratory bird conservation account. Subaccount. Restricted uses of funds
§ 26-27d Citizens’ Advisory Board for the Connecticut Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp program
§ 26-27e Sport fishing licenses. Statement re discarding of fishing line or other litter
§ 26-28 Hunting, trapping and sport fishing license fees
§ 26-28b Marine waters fishing license. Exemptions
§ 26-28c Marine waters fishing license fees
§ 26-29 Free lifetime fishing licenses for blind persons
§ 26-29a Free lifetime fishing licenses for persons with mental retardation
§ 26-29b Free lifetime hunting, sport fishing or trapping license for certain handicapped persons
§ 26-29c Free private land deer permit for certain farmers
§ 26-30 Applications. Issuance of licenses
§ 26-31 Instruction in handling and use of hunting weapons. Required education course for reinstatement of suspended license
§ 26-31a Instruction in fishing techniques
§ 26-31b Hunting and fishing guide services. Licenses. Fee
§ 26-33 Issuance of complimentary licenses to nonresidents
§ 26-34a License for nonresident servicemen
§ 26-35 Expiration date. License not transferable. Restrictions. Wildlife management study area
§ 26-36 Record of licenses. Remittance of fees by town clerks
§ 26-37 Duplicate licenses
§ 26-38 Hunting by minors
§ 26-39 Hunting licenses for owners of packs of dogs
§ 26-40 Game breeders license. Possession of skunks or raccoons
§ 26-40a Possession of potentially dangerous animal. Exemptions. Seizure, relocation and disposal. Penalties
§ 26-40c Search and seizure
§ 26-40d Exceptions
§ 26-40f Penalty
§ 26-42 Licensing of raw fur dealers. Inspection. Regulations
§ 26-43 Sale of raw furs to unlicensed nonresident dealer
§ 26-45 Bait dealer’s license
§ 26-46 Reciprocal fishing privileges
§ 26-47 Permits to take wildlife damaging crops. License to control nuisance wildlife
§ 26-47a Use of noise-making devices to repel marauding birds and wildlife
§ 26-48 Private shooting preserves; permits; regulations
§ 26-48a Management of salmon, pheasant, turkey and migratory game birds. Issuance of permits, tags or stamps
§ 26-49 Training of hunting dogs. Permits for liberation of artificially propagated birds
§ 26-51 Permits for field dog trials. Fee
§ 26-52 Permits for shooting birds liberated at field dog trials. Fees
§ 26-53 Hunting licenses not required at field trials
§ 26-54 Permits for custodians of protected birds and quadrupeds
§ 26-55 Permit for importing, introducing into state, possessing or liberating live fish, wild birds, wild mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Regulations. Exemptions. Seizure, relocation and disposal. Penalties
§ 26-55a Possession of diploid grass carp
§ 26-56 Permits for importation of wild hares or rabbits
§ 26-57 Permits for transportation and exportation of fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates
§ 26-57a Regulations for the establishment of in-state captive herds of cervids. Pilot program for businesses to maintain reindeer. Importation of reindeer into state from Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day
§ 26-58 Taxidermist’s license
§ 26-59 Regulation of tanning, curing and mounting; permits
§ 26-60 Permits to collect certain wildlife for scientific and educational purposes. Fee
§ 26-61 Suspension of license, registration or permit. Restoration. Fines
§ 26-62 Hunting accidents; suspension of license or privilege to hunt
§ 26-63 Notice of action on license
§ 26-64 Fine for violations. Exception
§ 26-65 Commissioner authorized to regulate hunting. Landowner permission required for hunting on private land
§ 26-65a Prohibition re reduction of state land where hunting is permitted
§ 26-66 Scope of regulations
§ 26-66a Posting of warning signs by the department. Fees
§ 26-66b Hunting field guides produced by the department to include regulations for hunting in proximity to buildings
§ 26-67 Regulations
§ 26-67a Confidentiality of reports
§ 26-67b Commissioner to advise law enforcement authorities re fish and game laws
§ 26-67c Complaints re hunting in proximity to certain areas. Hearing. Records to be kept by law enforcement officials. Report to General Assembly
§ 26-67d Falconry: Definitions
§ 26-67e Falconry: Applicable federal regulations. Commissioner authorized to adopt regulations. Fee reciprocity
§ 26-68 Emergency declaration of closed seasons
§ 26-69 Wildlife management practices
§ 26-70 Regulation of hunting of wild birds, wild mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Permit for administration of chemical or biological substance to free-ranging wildlife. Requirements
§ 26-71 Penalty
§ 26-72 Regulation of trapping of fur-bearing animals
§ 26-73 Hunting on Sunday
§ 26-74 Use of motor vehicles, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles in hunting
§ 26-75 Silencer on firearms
§ 26-76 Possession limit of game birds, wild quadrupeds, reptiles and amphibians
§ 26-77 Taking of waterfowl in open coastal waters
§ 26-78 Sale of birds, quadrupeds, reptiles or amphibians
§ 26-78a Donation of game to charitable organizations
§ 26-79 Hunting in Putnam Memorial Camp grounds
§ 26-80 Disposition of birds, quadrupeds, reptiles or amphibians illegally taken
§ 26-80a Illegal taking of moose or bear. Suspension of hunting license. Penalties
§ 26-80b Sale or use of computer software or service to remotely hunt animals or birds prohibited. Penalty
§ 26-81 Penalty
§ 26-82 Killing of deer regulated. Damage permit. Jacklight permit. Penalties. Plan by homeowner association, municipality or nonprofit land-holding organization to take deer
§ 26-82a Private land revolver permit to hunt deer. Requirements
§ 26-85 Jacklighting for deer. Forfeiture and disposal of weapons
§ 26-86 Deer, moose or black bear killed or wounded by motor vehicle
§ 26-86a Game management. Deer hunting; permitted weapons, locations, bag limits. Consent forms; permits, selection process
§ 26-86b Tags. Report of kill
§ 26-86c Permits to hunt deer and small game with bow and arrow. Fees. Applications. Education course requirement
§ 26-86e Regulation of hunting of doe deer
§ 26-86f Hunting of fawn deer prohibited
§ 26-87 Taking rabbits by use of ferrets. Authorization. Penalties
§ 26-88 Use of explosives
§ 26-89 Cutting trees or using fire to take raccoon
§ 26-90 False statement, penalty. General penalty
§ 26-91 Taking of migratory game birds. Plan by municipality, homeowner association or nonprofit land-holding organization to take Canada geese
§ 26-92 Wild birds other than game birds protected, exception. Game birds defined
§ 26-92a State purchase of game birds
§ 26-93 Hunting of bald eagle prohibited. Disturbance of nest prohibited. Fine. No access area for bald eagle. Violation and fine or imprisonment
§ 26-94 Hunting of swan prohibited
§ 26-95 Trapping of birds
§ 26-96 Trap shooting
§ 26-97 Killing game birds in Westport Fire District prohibited. Penalty
§ 26-98 Penalty
§ 26-99 Establishment of fish and game refuges
§ 26-100 Posting notices
§ 26-101 Wildlife refuges and closed areas
§ 26-102 Fish spawning areas and refuges
§ 26-103 Management and preservation of islands in and marshes in or bordering the Housatonic River
§ 26-104 Bantam Lake sanctuary
§ 26-105 Lake Wononscopomuc sanctuary. Limited hunting
§ 26-106 Milford refuge
§ 26-107 Hunting and trapping on wildlife refuge or closed area
§ 26-107f Program for the conservation of nonharvested wildlife
§ 26-107h Annual report
§ 26-107i Sale of wildlife stamps, prints, publications and other items. Allocation of revenue
§ 26-108 Inland waters and marine district defined
§ 26-109 Dividing lines between inland and marine waters in Groton, Stonington, the Niantic River and the Housatonic River
§ 26-110 Demarcation lines
§ 26-111 Regulation of fishing
§ 26-112 Scope of regulations
§ 26-113 Hearings
§ 26-114 Prohibited acts
§ 26-114a Purchase or sale of snakehead fish prohibited
§ 26-115 Fisheries management practices of commissioner
§ 26-116 Exceptions
§ 26-117 Fine for violation
§ 26-118 Fishing in reservoir
§ 26-119 Use of explosives or poisons
§ 26-121 Taking of tomcod or frost fish in Saugatuck River
§ 26-122 Fishing through ice in Cranberry Pond, Cream Hill Lake and Lake Quonnipaug
§ 26-124 Indian Pond
§ 26-125 Beach Pond and Killingly Pond
§ 26-126 Disposition of fish illegally taken
§ 26-127 Conservation of bait species
§ 26-128 Carp and goldfish
§ 26-128a Taking of glass eels, elver eels and silver eels prohibited. Penalty
§ 26-129 Forfeiture of fishing tackle
§ 26-130 Sale of fish for stocking; sale of fish management commodities; sale of trout eggs
§ 26-131 Registration of private waters. Taking of fish without license
§ 26-132 Privately stocked waters
§ 26-134 Obstructing streams
§ 26-135 Pond weirs and nets
§ 26-136 Fishways
§ 26-137 Fishing near fishways
§ 26-138 Draining for taking fish
§ 26-139 Responsibility for draining. Penalty
§ 26-140 Fishing rights in stream crossing highway
§ 26-141 Fine for violation
§ 26-141a Standards for flow of water in rivers or streams
§ 26-141b Adoption of regulations establishing flow standards for rivers and streams. Procedure
§ 26-141c Violation of regulations
§ 26-142a Environmental tourism cruise vessel permit. Commercial fishing vessel permits. Registration of nets and areas of use. Registration of charter boats. Fishing licenses and registrations. Possession limits. Fees
§ 26-142b Resident and nonresident commercial finfish, fishing and lobster pot licenses. Restrictions on issuance, transfer and renewal
§ 26-142c Vessel permit exemption for taking lobsters or fish for personal use
§ 26-143a Nets to be buoyed and marked. Boats to display license or registration flag
§ 26-149 Commercial hatcheries. Fees
§ 26-154 Restricted waters near mouth of stream or estuary. Use of otter trawls in estuaries
§ 26-154a Use of purse seines in Long Island Sound
§ 26-155 Fish oil or fertilizer
§ 26-157a Lobster management program
§ 26-157b Reports. Penalty
§ 26-157c Regulations governing the taking and possession of lobsters. Regulations implementing the lobster trap allocation buy-back program
§ 26-157d Lobster restoration program. Regulations
§ 26-157e Commissioner to pursue lobster restoration funds. Administration of funds. Entering into contracts
§ 26-157f Lobster Restoration Advisory Committee. Establishment. Membership. Appointment, procedure and compensation
§ 26-157g Lobster v-notch restoration program
§ 26-157h Lobster trap allocation buy-back program
§ 26-157i Economic assistance program for resident commercial lobster fishermen. Establishment. Regulations
§ 26-157j Seafood dealer, wholesaler or shipper possession and sale of undersized lobsters. Conditions. Documentation
§ 26-158 Sale of lobsters
§ 26-159a Regulations concerning certain sport and commercial fishing in the marine district and possession of certain species. Penalty
§ 26-159c Commissioner to conduct public hearings in coastal areas
§ 26-160 Extension zones
§ 26-164 Inspection of license
§ 26-166 Obstructions
§ 26-167 Stealing fish, lobsters or equipment. Penalty
§ 26-169 Nets and seines prohibited in Darien, Stamford and Greenwich
§ 26-170 Use of seine in Norwalk Harbor
§ 26-171 Taking smelt in Greenwich
§ 26-174 Pawcatuck River
§ 26-175 Long Beach and Penfield Reef
§ 26-176 Restrictions on type of fishing at certain points on Connecticut, Mystic and Thames Rivers, Niantic Bay and North Cove in Old Saybrook
§ 26-177 Mystic River
§ 26-178 Thames River
§ 26-179 Taking smelt in Groton
§ 26-180 Milford Harbor
§ 26-181 Chester Cove
§ 26-182 Wright’s Cove
§ 26-183 Use of nets in Long Island Sound adjacent to Stratford
§ 26-184 Use of nets in Keney Cove
§ 26-185 Use of trawls in the Poquonock River
§ 26-186 Penalties
§ 26-186a Effect of license suspension on other licenses, permits or registrations and on right to obtain them