§ 36a-645 Definitions
§ 36a-646 Prohibited acts
§ 36a-647 Enforcement powers of commissioner. Regulations
§ 36a-648 Abusive, harassing, fraudulent, deceptive or misleading debt collection practices. Liability. Exemptions. Limitations on actions
§ 36a-648a Credit card debt collection actions against parents or legal guardians of students
§ 36a-655 Definitions
§ 36a-656 Debt adjustment. License application, requirements and fees. Authority of commissioner to conduct criminal history records checks and deny application for license. Automatic suspension of license or renewal license. Notice. Opportu
§ 36a-657 Suspension, revocation or refusal to renew license or taking of other action. Enforcement powers of commissioner
§ 36a-658 Posting of license. Responsibilities of licensee. License nontransferable. Surrender of license
§ 36a-659 Separate bank account for benefit of debtors. Books and records
§ 36a-660 Licensee’s duties. Written agreement required
§ 36a-661 Prohibited acts
§ 36a-661a Written agreement voidable. Licensee claims for restitution
§ 36a-662 Regulations
§ 36a-663 Exceptions
§ 36a-664 Surety bond required. Form of surety bond. Cancellation of bond. Notice. Automatic suspension of license. Notice. Opportunity for hearing
§ 36a-665 Penalties
§ 36a-671 Definitions. Debt negotiation. License application, requirements and fees. Authority of commissioner to conduct criminal history records checks and deny application for license. Abandonment of application. Automatic suspension of license or renewal licens
§ 36a-671a Suspension, revocation or refusal to renew license or taking of other action. Enforcement powers of commissioner
§ 36a-671b Debt negotiation service contract required. Fees, commissions and other valuable consideration. Noncompliant contracts voidable by consumer
§ 36a-671c Exceptions
§ 36a-671d Surety bond required. Form of surety bond. Cancellation of bond. Automatic suspension of license. Notice. Opportunity for hearing. Determination of penal sum. Aggregate amount of residential loans
§ 36a-671e Requirements re mortgage loan originator license
§ 36a-675 Short title: Truth-in-Lending Act
§ 36a-676 Definitions
§ 36a-677 State policy
§ 36a-678 Compliance with Consumer Credit Protection Act. Exempt transactions
§ 36a-679 Regulations
§ 36a-680 Effect of inconsistent law
§ 36a-681 Penalty
§ 36a-682 Compliance of governmental instruments. Exemptions from penalties
§ 36a-683 Failure to disclose
§ 36a-684 Enforcement. Disclosure errors and adjustments
§ 36a-685 Unenforceable agreements
§ 36a-690 Calculation of interest or finance charge rebates. Prohibited methods. Transactions affected
§ 36a-695 Definitions
§ 36a-696 Disclosure to consumer of information re credit report
§ 36a-697 Exceptions
§ 36a-698 Regulations
§ 36a-699 Penalty
§ 36a-699a Written summary of consumer’s rights
§ 36a-699b Dispute by consumer re completeness or accuracy of information
§ 36a-699c Procedures by credit rating agency to assure accuracy
§ 36a-699d Credit report for use in credit transaction not initiated by consumer
§ 36a-699e Existing consent judgment or settlement with Attorney General
§ 36a-699f Blocking of information appearing on credit report as result of identity theft
§ 36a-700 Credit clinics. Definitions. Contracts. Prohibited acts. Penalties
§ 36a-701 Security freeze on credit report: Definitions
§ 36a-701a Consumer security freezes on credit report. Timing. Disclosure of report to third party during freeze. Procedures for freeze. Refusal by credit rating agency to implement freeze. Exceptions
§ 36a-701b Breach of security re computerized data containing personal information. Notice of breach. Delay for criminal investigation. Means of notice. Unfair trade practice
§ 36a-705 Definitions
§ 36a-706 Mortgage rate lock-in
§ 36a-707 Applicant’s remedies
§ 36a-708 Prohibited acts by mortgage brokers
§ 36a-715 Definitions
§ 36a-716 Escrow accounts
§ 36a-717 Penalties
§ 36a-718 Orders. Notice. Hearings
§ 36a-725 Definitions
§ 36a-726 Disclosure required
§ 36a-735 Short title: Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
§ 36a-736 Definitions
§ 36a-737 Discrimination in making of home purchase, home improvement and mortgage loans. Applications submitted by members of reserves or National Guard
§ 36a-738 Disclosure requirements for financial institutions
§ 36a-739 Reports by financial institutions. Filing requirements
§ 36a-740 Violations by financial institutions. Rights of loan applicant
§ 36a-741 Cease and desist order. Enforcement action
§ 36a-742 Protection of confidentiality of an individual’s financial status
§ 36a-743 Commissioner to analyze home financing
§ 36a-744 Regulations
§ 36a-746 Short title: Connecticut Abusive Home Loan Lending Practices Act
§ 36a-746a Definitions
§ 36a-746b Disclosures
§ 36a-746c Prohibited provisions in loan agreement
§ 36a-746d Report of payment history
§ 36a-746e Prohibited acts by lender
§ 36a-746f Purchase of insurance by buyer
§ 36a-746g Refund or credit of charges
§ 36a-755 Mortgage appraisal practices. Definitions. Regulations
§ 36a-756 Title insurance as condition of mortgage on residential real estate prohibited
§ 36a-757 Mortgage insurance requirements limited
§ 36a-758 Payment of loan proceeds by certified, bank treasurer’s or cashier’s check or by wire transfer
§ 36a-758a Payment of first or secondary mortgage loan proceeds by wire transfer. Time limits. Penalties
§ 36a-759 Minority of veterans, spouses and widows for purposes of the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act
§ 36a-759a Compliance with John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007. Limit on interest rate charged on consumer credit to members of armed services
§ 36a-760 Nonprime home loans: Definitions; applicability
§ 36a-760a Duties of lenders and mortgage brokers relating to nonprime home loans
§ 36a-760b Analysis of obligor’s ability to pay
§ 36a-760c Prohibition against making nonprime home loan when proceeds used to pay off special mortgage
§ 36a-760d Requirements for making nonprime home loans
§ 36a-760e Restrictions on provisions in nonprime home loans
§ 36a-760f Prohibition against dividing or structuring loan to avoid application of nonprime home loan statutory provisions
§ 36a-760g Restrictions on making and financing under nonprime home loans. Curing of defaults
§ 36a-760h Additional duties of mortgage brokers
§ 36a-760i Court action based on lender’s failure to comply with statutory requirements
§ 36a-760j Prohibition against influencing real estate appraisals
§ 36a-770 *(See end of section for amended version of subdivision (12) of subsection (c) and effective date.) Applicability of Uniform Commercial Code. Filing and recording. Definitions
§ 36a-771 General contract requirements
§ 36a-772 Maximum finance charge on retail sales of motor vehicles and other goods
§ 36a-773 Insurance
§ 36a-774 Installment loan contract requirements
§ 36a-775 Confession of judgment provision invalid
§ 36a-776 Inclusion of other goods in contract void
§ 36a-777 Acknowledgment of receipt of notice and statement
§ 36a-778 Delinquency and collection charges
§ 36a-779 Assignment of contract
§ 36a-780 Payments after assignment
§ 36a-781 Statement of payments made. Receipts
§ 36a-782 Cancellation of contract on payment in full
§ 36a-783 Rebate and refund upon prepayment of contract
§ 36a-784 Renewals and extensions
§ 36a-785 Foreclosure
§ 36a-786 Recovery of charges barred by wilful violations
§ 36a-787 Penalty
§ 36a-788 Enforcement action
§ 36a-800 Consumer collection agency. Definitions
§ 36a-801 License required. Application, issuance, renewal. Examination of records. Authority to conduct criminal history records check. Abandonment of application. Automatic suspension of license or renewal license. Notice. Opportunity for
§ 36a-801a Persons engaged in business of collecting child support
§ 36a-801b Collection of child support. Written agreement
§ 36a-802 Surety bond required. Authority of commissioner to proceed on bond. Cancellation of bond; notice. Automatic suspension of license; notice. Opportunity for hearing
§ 36a-803 Conviction of certain crimes disqualification to engage in consumer collection business
§ 36a-804 Suspension, revocation or refusal to renew license or taking of other action
§ 36a-805 Prohibited practices. Exception
§ 36a-806 Prohibited practices within and without state. Examination of affairs
§ 36a-807 Liability
§ 36a-808 Unfair or deceptive practices. Enforcement action
§ 36a-809 Commissioner’s powers. Regulations
§ 36a-810 Penalty