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Connecticut General Statutes > Title 45a > Chapter 803 - Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption

Connecticut General Statutes > Title 45a > Chapter 803

Current as of: 2013
§ 45a-706Rule of construction
§ 45a-707Definitions
§ 45a-708Guardian ad litem for minor or incompetent parent
§ 45a-709Validity of proceedings prior to statutory changes
§ 45a-715Petition to terminate parental rights. Cooperative postadoption agreements
§ 45a-716Hearing on petition to terminate parental rights. Notice. Attorney General as party
§ 45a-717Termination of parental rights. Conduct of hearing. Investigation and report. Grounds for termination
§ 45a-718Appointment and duties of statutory parent. Removal or resignation
§ 45a-719Reopening judgment terminating parental rights. Best interest of child. Final decree of adoption
§ 45a-724Who may give child in adoption
§ 45a-724aPlacement for adoption with child-placing agency by Commissioner of Children and Families
§ 45a-725When child free for adoption
§ 45a-726Placement of adoptive children by Commissioner of Children and Families or child-placing agency
§ 45a-726aConsideration of sexual orientation of prospective adoptive or foster parent
§ 45a-726bRecruitment of minority families not to delay placement of adoptive child
§ 45a-727Application and agreement for adoption. Investigation, report. Adoptive parents entitled to receive copy of records and other information re history of child. Assessment of fees. Hearing and decree
§ 45a-727aLegislative findings re best interests of child
§ 45a-727bEndorsement of rights and responsibilities of unmarried persons to child subject to adoption, but not marriage or union of such persons
§ 45a-728Regulations re adoption placement of children identified or located by prospective parents
§ 45a-728aParticipation in birth and visitation of newborn identified for adoption by prospective adoptive parents
§ 45a-728bDischarge of newborn identified for adoption from hospital. Prospective adoptive parents permitted to attend hospital programs re infant care
§ 45a-728cPayment of expenses of birth mother by prospective adoptive parents
§ 45a-728dAdvertising by birth parent and prospective adoptive parent for purpose of identified adoption
§ 45a-729Penalty for violation of provisions re adoption placement
§ 45a-730Validation of foreign adoption. Petition filed in Probate Court
§ 45a-731Effects of final decree of adoption. Surviving rights
§ 45a-731aIssuance of final adoption decree notwithstanding death of child
§ 45a-732Husband and wife to join in adoption
§ 45a-733Procedure on application for adoption by stepparent
§ 45a-734Adoption of adults. Inheritance
§ 45a-735Husband or wife of adopted adult to consent
§ 45a-736Change of name of adopted person
§ 45a-737Obliteration of original name on institutional records, new name substituted
§ 45a-743Definitions
§ 45a-744Legislative policy
§ 45a-745Adoption record
§ 45a-746Information available to adoptive parents and adult adopted or adoptable person
§ 45a-747Information regarding adoption completed before October 1, 1977
§ 45a-748Agency or department to make effort to obtain information
§ 45a-749Request for information
§ 45a-750Identifying information
§ 45a-751Release of identifying information by child-placing agency or department
§ 45a-751aConditions re release of information. Counseling
§ 45a-751bDisclosure of identifying information. Consent required
§ 45a-752Appeal to Probate Court. Advisory panel. Report. Hearing. Decision
§ 45a-753Obtaining consent of person whose identity is requested. Petition to court. Report. Hearing
§ 45a-754Records related to termination of parental rights, removal of parent as guardian, appointment of statutory parent, adoption matters, temporary guardianship and emancipation of minors. Confidentiality. Exceptions
§ 45a-755Registries. Filing of registration
§ 45a-756Agreement to release identifying information. Notification. Fee
§ 45a-757Records maintained on a permanent basis
§ 45a-763Adoption Review Board established
§ 45a-764Powers of Adoption Review Board. Notice and hearing
§ 45a-765Records to be confidential


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