§ 47a-1 Definitions
§ 47a-2 Arrangements exempted from application of title. Applicability of title to mobile manufactured homes and home parks. Transient occupancy in hotel, motel or similar lodging
§ 47a-3 Rental agreement: Permissible terms
§ 47a-3a Rental agreement: Payment of rent. Written receipt for cash payment
§ 47a-3b Rental agreement: Term of tenancy in absence of agreement
§ 47a-3c Payment in absence of rental agreement
§ 47a-3d Holding over not evidence of new lease. Determination of monthly lease
§ 47a-3e Notice to potential tenant when dwelling unit located in common interest community
§ 47a-4 Terms prohibited in rental agreement
§ 47a-4a Effect of failure to comply with section 47a-7
§ 47a-4b Commercial leases. Certain provisions void
§ 47a-5 Penalty for allowing occupancy without certificate of occupancy
§ 47a-6 Identification of landlord
§ 47a-6a Filing in designated municipal office of residential address of nonresident landlord
§ 47a-6b Civil penalties for failure to file residential address of nonresident landlord
§ 47a-7 Landlord’s responsibilities
§ 47a-8 Paint not conforming to standards renders property unfit
§ 47a-9 Landlord rules and regulations
§ 47a-10 Termination of responsibility
§ 47a-11 Tenant’s responsibilities
§ 47a-11a Abandonment of unit by tenant
§ 47a-11b Abandonment of unit by occupants. Landlord’s remedies
§ 47a-11c Breach of rental agreement by tenant. Measure of damages
§ 47a-11d Death of tenant. Landlord’s remedies
§ 47a-11e Termination of rental agreement because of family violence
§ 47a-12 Breach of agreement by landlord. Tenant’s remedies
§ 47a-13 Failure of landlord to supply essential services. Tenant’s remedies
§ 47a-13a Implementation of energy conservation measures by tenant
§ 47a-14 Damage or destruction of unit. Tenant’s remedies
§ 47a-14a Action for private receivership of tenement house. Complaint. Notice of action
§ 47a-14b Tenement receivership: Hearing by referee; judgment; no right to jury trial
§ 47a-14c Tenement receivership: Defense
§ 47a-14d Tenement receivership: Judgment
§ 47a-14e Tenement receivership: Owner’s right to collect rent moneys
§ 47a-14f Tenement receivership: Order to remove or remedy conditions in lieu of judgment; application for hearing for judgment
§ 47a-14g Tenement receivership: Judgment and appointment of receiver after failure to comply with order
§ 47a-14h Action by individual tenant to enforce landlord’s responsibilities. Payment of rent into court
§ 47a-15 Noncompliance by tenant. Remedy of breach by tenant. Landlord’s remedies
§ 47a-15a Nonpayment of rent by tenant: Landlord’s remedy
§ 47a-16 When landlord may enter rented unit
§ 47a-16a Notification by tenant of extended absence. When landlord may enter
§ 47a-17 Tenant to occupy only as dwelling unit
§ 47a-18 Judicial relief if tenant refuses entry
§ 47a-18a Judicial relief if landlord unlawfully enters
§ 47a-19 Rental agreement: Acceptance of rent when overdue
§ 47a-20 Retaliatory action by landlord prohibited
§ 47a-20a Actions deemed not retaliatory
§ 47a-20e Protection of tenant in foreclosed property
§ 47a-20f Offer of incentive to tenant in foreclosed property to vacate