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Florida Regulations 14-20.004 - Public Transit Bus Stops

Florida Regulations > Department of Transportation > Division 14 > Chapter 14-20 > § 14-20.004. Public Transit Bus Stops

Current as of: Dec. 2011

    (1) The operator of a transit bus system may designate a “Bus Stop” within the boundaries of the right of way of a state road.

    (2) The location of a transit bus stop site on a state road right of way is dictated by the needs of the riding public and the route availability of the public transit system.

    (3) The site selection and establishment of a transit bus stop shall provide the maximum safety to the users of the public transit system and vehicular and pedestrian traffic. If a transit bus stop is located at a site deemed to be unsafe by the Department, modification or removal shall be required by the Department and shall be at the expense of the transit bus system.

    (4) The operator of a transit bus system shall indicate or mark the bus stop in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, incorporated by reference under Rule 14-15.010, F.A.C.

    (5) Transit bus stops are prohibited in medians.

    (6) Signs shall not be installed where such signing interferes with the functions or visibility of existing traffic control devices.

    (7) Transit bus stop signs may be attached to an existing sign support provided that there is no more than one other supplementary sign already in place.

    (8) Transit bus stop signs shall be attached to supports meeting the location, height, and lateral placement requirements established in the Department’s Design Standards, Index Number 17302, incorporated herein by reference. Copies of Index Number 17302 are available at: www.dot.state.fl.us/rddesign/designstandards/standards.htm.

Laws implemented by this Rule: Florida Statutes § 334.044, 335.02, 334.044

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