(1) Salary additives are temporary increases to the base rate of pay. Employees filling positions for which a salary additive has been approved shall receive the salary additive. A salary additive shall be removed or adjusted upon a change in the conditions upon which it was granted.

    (2) For career service employees, salary additives include the following:

    (a) Shift Differential Additive – Agencies may approve this additive for a position when justified by competitive labor practices.

    (b) On-Call Additive – Agencies may approve positions to be placed on-call. Agencies may assign individual positions this additive when all of the following conditions are satisfied:

    1. The employee has been instructed by the appropriate management to remain available to work during an off duty period.

    2. The employee must leave word where the employee may be reached by phone or electronic signaling device.

    3. The employee is available to return to the work location on short notice to perform assigned duties.

    (c) Hazardous Duty Additive – An agency may approve this additive for specific positions when it can be demonstrated that such positions are required to perform duties and responsibilities that are exceptionally hazardous or dangerous. Such duties and responsibilities shall not be customarily associated with all positions in the broadband level.

    (d) Leadworker Additive – An agency may approve this additive for individuals with sufficient knowledge and experience to lead others when assigned such responsibilities on a continuing basis. The leadership does not include evaluating other’s performance or administering disciplinary actions, and it does not justify reclassification. Duties must be reflected on the position description and in accordance with Chapter 60L-31, F.A.C.

    (e) Temporary Special Duty Additive – An agency may approve this additive, for a period of ninety days, when a position has been assigned temporary duties and responsibilities not customarily assigned to the position. An agency shall not extend the period. without Department approval.

    (f) Trainer Additive – An agency may approve this additive when an employee is assigned the responsibility to provide on-the-job training to other employees as part of an agency-approved formalized training program; provided, that such training is not part of the customarily assigned duties of the position.

    (g) Competitive Area Differential Additive – An agency shall not grant this additive without Department approval. This additive is justified for specific positions within an agency when it can be demonstrated that the additive is based on geographical, localized recruitment, turnover, or competitive pay problems. If requested by the agency, this additive may apply to positions within the requesting agency with similar duties and responsibilities in the approved broadband level within the geographical area for which the Department approves the additive.

    (h) Critical Market Pay Additive – An agency shall not grant this additive without Department approval. This additive is justified when pay for a position is substantially below the prevailing market rate, resulting in hiring and retention difficulties. In considering requests for this additive, the Department shall conduct all relevant analyses to determine the need for a pay adjustment for the position. An agency requesting this additive shall assist the Department in any analyses the Department requests.

Laws implemented by this Rule: Florida Statutes § 110.131, 110.201, This Rule authorized by:Florida Statutes § 110.1055, 110.201,