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Florida Statutes 57.071 - Costs; what taxable

Florida Statutes > Chapter 57 > 57.071

Current as of: 2012
   (1) If costs are awarded to any party, the following shall also be allowed:
   (a) The reasonable premiums or expenses paid on all bonds or other security furnished by such party.
   (b) The expense of the court reporter for per diem, transcribing proceedings and depositions, including opening statements and arguments by counsel.
   (c) Any sales or use tax due on legal services provided to such party, notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary.
   (2) Expert witness fees may not be awarded as taxable costs unless the party retaining the expert witness furnishes each opposing party with a written report signed by the expert witness which summarizes the expert witness's opinions and the factual basis of the opinions, including documentary evidence and the authorities relied upon in reaching the opinions. Such report shall be filed at least 5 days prior to the deposition of the expert or at least 20 days prior to discovery cutoff, whichever is sooner, or as otherwise determined by the court. This subsection does not apply to any action proceeding under the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure.
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