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Florida Statutes 626.99295 - Grace period

Florida Statutes > Chapter 626 > Part X > 626.99295

Current as of: 2012
Any person who, on July 1, 2005, is effectuating a viatical settlement purchase agreement made before July 1, 2005, under provisions of law in effect before such date, which viatical settlement purchase agreement was not registered pursuant to chapter 517, must proceed within 30 days after July 1, 2005, to conclude all viatical settlement purchase transactions in progress, provided, if funds have not been matched with a viaticated policy, such funds, or any unmatched portion of such funds, shall be returned to the viatical settlement purchaser within 30 days after July 1, 2005. The provider may not solicit, negotiate, advertise, or effectuate new viatical settlement purchase agreements after July 1, 2005.
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