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Florida Statutes 708.08 - Married women

Florida Statutes > Chapter 708 > 708.08

Current as of: 2012
   (1) Every married woman is empowered to take charge of and manage and control her separate property, to contract and to be contracted with, to sue and be sued, to sell, convey, transfer, mortgage, use, and pledge her real and personal property and to make, execute, and deliver instruments of every character without the joinder or consent of her husband in all respects as fully as if she were unmarried. Every married woman has and may exercise all rights and powers with respect to her separate property, income, and earnings and may enter into, obligate herself to perform, and enforce contracts or undertakings to the same extent and in like manner as if she were unmarried and without the joinder or consent of her husband. All conveyances, contracts, transfers, or mortgages of real property or any interest in it executed by a married woman without the joinder of her husband before or after the effective date of the 1968 Constitution of Florida are as valid and effective as though the husband had joined.
   (2) Any married woman who conveyed or mortgaged her separate real property without the joinder of her husband before the effective date of the 1968 State Constitution, and any person claiming by, through, or under her, shall have 2 years after June 2, 1983, to file a notice of lis pendens and to bring an action based on the nonjoinder of the husband contesting the validity of any such conveyance or mortgage; and, if the action is not brought and a notice of lis pendens is not filed within the time allowed, she, and any person claiming by, through, or under her, shall be forever barred from bringing an action to contest the validity of the conveyance or mortgage. This subsection shall not be construed to revive any action that has been barred.
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