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Florida Statutes 733.201 - Proof of wills

Florida Statutes > Chapter 733 > Part II > 733.201

Current as of: 2012
   (1) Self-proved wills executed in accordance with this code may be admitted to probate without further proof.
   (2) A will may be admitted to probate upon the oath of any attesting witness taken before any circuit judge, commissioner appointed by the court, or clerk.
   (3) If it appears to the court that the attesting witnesses cannot be found or that they have become incapacitated after the execution of the will or their testimony cannot be obtained within a reasonable time, a will may be admitted to probate upon the oath of the personal representative nominated by the will as provided in subsection (2), whether or not the nominated personal representative is interested in the estate, or upon the oath of any person having no interest in the estate under the will stating that the person believes the writing exhibited to be the true last will of the decedent.
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melanie: ...
oath of will and file a commission

December 03, 2012
melanie: ...
we resently submitted a will to the courts in florida in regards to an estate of my late father-inlaw. later we received a document (we live in NY) that we need proof of will or codicil is required: it is not self proving and also OTHER: must have the physical address discription on the petition for summary administration and the order of summary administration. 2. an order admitting the will to probate is required. My question is "can we obtain these documents in our state of NY, have them filled out in front and notorized by a notorary and or judge from a town hall or town court house? flying down to FL around christmas is an expensive one. if we can do this in NY, we would like to know. thank you in advance for any help you can provide us with!!!!!

December 03, 2012

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