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Florida Statutes 83.08 - Landlord's lien for rent

Florida Statutes > Chapter 83 > Part I > 83.08

Current as of: 2012
Every person to whom rent may be due, the person's heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, shall have a lien for such rent upon the property found upon or off the premises leased or rented, and in the possession of any person, as follows:
   (1) Upon agricultural products raised on the land leased or rented for the current year. This lien shall be superior to all other liens, though of older date.
   (2) Upon all other property of the lessee or his or her sublessee or assigns, usually kept on the premises. This lien shall be superior to any lien acquired subsequent to the bringing of the property on the premises leased.
   (3) Upon all other property of the defendant. This lien shall date from the levy of the distress warrant hereinafter provided.
Florida Statutes 83.07 - Action for use and occupationPart I Table of ContentsFlorida Statutes 83.09 - Exemptions from liens for rent


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