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Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 46 > Part V - Miscellaneous

Hawaii Revised Statutes > Division 1 > Title 6 > Subtitle 1 > Chapter 46 > Part V - Miscellaneous

Current as of: 2010
§ 46-71Service of process upon county
§ 46-71.5Indemnification of county agencies
§ 46-72Liability for injuries or damages; notice
§ 46-72.5Counties' limited liability for skateboard activities at public skateboard parks
§ 46-73Claims for legislative relief; conditions
§ 46-74Exemption from assessment for improvements
§ 46-74.1Exemption from improvement assessments
§ 46-74.2Public land or land exempt from taxation, etc.; cost otherwise assessable against borne by city and county
§ 46-75Improvement bonds exempt from taxation
§ 46-76Location of utility facilities in improvement districts
§ 46-77Underground utility facilities in improvement districts
§ 46-78Improvement districts, initiation by the State
§ 46-79CUSIP numbers for district improvement bonds or improvement district bonds of counties
§ 46-80Improvement by assessment; financing
§ 46-80.1Community facilities district
§ 46-80.5Special improvement district
§ 46-81Reserve funds for payment of improvements
§ 46-85Contracts for solid waste disposal
§ 46-86Transactions for utility services
§ 46-87Liquidated damages


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