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Idaho Code Title 30 > Chapter 3 - Idaho Nonprofit Corporation Act

Idaho Code > Title 30 > Chapter 3 - Idaho Nonprofit Corporation Act

Current as of: 2010
§ 30-3-1Short Title
§ 30-3-2Filing Requirements
§ 30-3-3Forms
§ 30-3-4Filing, Service And Copying Fees
§ 30-3-5Effective Date Of Document
§ 30-3-6Correcting Filed Document
§ 30-3-7Filing Duty Of Secretary Of State
§ 30-3-8Appeal From Secretary Of State's Refusal To File Document
§ 30-3-9Evidentiary Effect Of Copy Of Filed Document
§ 30-3-10Certificate Of Existence
§ 30-3-11Definitions
§ 30-3-12Notice
§ 30-3-13Private Foundation
§ 30-3-14Judicial Relief
§ 30-3-15Religious Corporations -- Constitutional Protections
§ 30-3-16Incorporators
§ 30-3-17Articles Of Incorporation
§ 30-3-18Incorporation
§ 30-3-19Liability For Preincorporation Transactions
§ 30-3-20Organization Of Corporation
§ 30-3-21Bylaws
§ 30-3-22Emergency Bylaws And Powers
§ 30-3-23Purposes
§ 30-3-24General Powers
§ 30-3-25Emergency Powers
§ 30-3-26Ultra Vires
§ 30-3-27Corporate Name
§ 30-3-28Reserved Name
§ 30-3-29Registered Name
§ 30-3-34Admission Of Members
§ 30-3-35Consideration
§ 30-3-36No Requirement Of Members
§ 30-3-37Differences In Rights And Obligations Of Members
§ 30-3-38Transfers
§ 30-3-39Member's Liability To Third Parties
§ 30-3-40Member's Liability For Dues, Assessments And Fees
§ 30-3-41Resignation
§ 30-3-42Termination, Expulsion And Suspension
§ 30-3-43Purchase Of Memberships
§ 30-3-44Derivative Suits
§ 30-3-45Delegates
§ 30-3-46Annual And Regular Meetings
§ 30-3-47Special Meeting
§ 30-3-48Court-Ordered Meetings
§ 30-3-49Action By Written Consent
§ 30-3-50Notice Of Meeting
§ 30-3-51Waiver Of Notice
§ 30-3-52Record Date -- Determining Members Entitled To Notice And Vote
§ 30-3-53Action By Mailed Written Ballot Or Absentee Ballot
§ 30-3-54Members' List For Meeting
§ 30-3-55Voting Entitlement Generally
§ 30-3-56Quorum Requirements
§ 30-3-57Voting Requirements
§ 30-3-58Proxies
§ 30-3-59Cumulative Voting For Directors
§ 30-3-60Other Methods Of Electing Directors
§ 30-3-61Corporation's Acceptance Of Votes
§ 30-3-62Voting Agreements
§ 30-3-63Requirement For And Duties Of Board
§ 30-3-64Qualifications Of Directors
§ 30-3-65Number Of Directors
§ 30-3-66Election, Designation And Appointment Of Directors
§ 30-3-67Terms Of Directors Generally
§ 30-3-68Staggered Terms For Directors
§ 30-3-69Resignation Of Directors
§ 30-3-70Removal Of Directors Elected By Members Or Directors
§ 30-3-71Removal Of Designated Or Appointed Directors
§ 30-3-72Vacancy On Board
§ 30-3-73Compensation Of Directors
§ 30-3-74Regular And Special Meetings
§ 30-3-75Action Without Meeting
§ 30-3-76Call And Notice Of Meetings
§ 30-3-77Waiver Of Notice
§ 30-3-78Quorum And Voting
§ 30-3-79Committees Of The Board
§ 30-3-80General Standards For Directors
§ 30-3-81Director -- Conflict Of Interest
§ 30-3-82Loans To Or Guarantees For Directors And Officers
§ 30-3-83Required Officers
§ 30-3-84Duties And Authority Of Officers
§ 30-3-85Standards Of Conduct For Officers
§ 30-3-86Resignation And Removal Of Officers
§ 30-3-87Officers' Authority To Execute Documents
§ 30-3-88Indemnification Of Officers, Directors, Employees And Agents
§ 30-3-89Authority To Amend Articles
§ 30-3-90Amendment Of Articles By Directors
§ 30-3-91Amendment Of Articles By Directors And Members
§ 30-3-92Class Voting By Members On Amendments To Articles
§ 30-3-93Articles Of Amendment
§ 30-3-94Restated Articles Of Incorporation
§ 30-3-95Effect Of Amendment And Restatement Of Articles
§ 30-3-96Amendment Of Bylaws By Directors
§ 30-3-97Amendment Of Bylaws By Directors And Members
§ 30-3-98Class Voting By Members On Amendments To Bylaws
§ 30-3-99Approval By Third Persons
§ 30-3-100Approval Of Plan Of Merger
§ 30-3-100AApplicability Of Idaho Entity Transactions Act
§ 30-3-101Action On Plan By Board, Members And Third Persons
§ 30-3-102Articles Of Merger
§ 30-3-103Effect Of Merger
§ 30-3-104Merger With Foreign Corporation
§ 30-3-105Bequests, Devises And Gifts
§ 30-3-106Sale Of Assets In Regular Course Of Activities And Mortgage Of Assets
§ 30-3-107Sale Of Assets Other Than In Regular Course Of Activities
§ 30-3-108Prohibited Distributions
§ 30-3-109Authorized Distributions
§ 30-3-110Dissolution By Incorporators Or Directors And Third Persons
§ 30-3-111Dissolution By Directors, Members And Third Persons
§ 30-3-112Articles Of Dissolution
§ 30-3-113Effect Of Dissolution
§ 30-3-114Known Claims Against Dissolved Corporation
§ 30-3-115Unknown Claims Against Dissolved Corporation
§ 30-3-115AGrounds For Administrative Dissolution
§ 30-3-115BProcedure For And Effect Of Administrative Dissolution
§ 30-3-115CReinstatement Following Administrative Dissolution
§ 30-3-115DAppeal From Denial Of Reinstatement
§ 30-3-116Authority To Transact Business Required By Foreign Corporation
§ 30-3-117Consequences To Foreign Corporation Of Transacting Business Without Authority
§ 30-3-118Application Of Foreign Corporation For Certificate Of Authority
§ 30-3-119Foreign Corporation Amended Certificate Of Authority
§ 30-3-120Effect Of Issuance Of Certificate Of Authority To Foreign Corporation
§ 30-3-121Corporate Name Of Foreign Corporation
§ 30-3-126Withdrawal Of Foreign Corporation
§ 30-3-127Grounds For Revocation Of Certificate Of Authority
§ 30-3-128Procedure And Effect Of Revocation Of Authority Of Foreign Corporation
§ 30-3-129Appeal From Revocation Of Certificate Of Authority Of Foreign Corporation
§ 30-3-130Corporate Records
§ 30-3-131Inspection Of Records By Members
§ 30-3-132Scope Of Inspection Rights
§ 30-3-133Limitations On Use Of Membership List
§ 30-3-134Financial Statements For Members
§ 30-3-135Report Of Indemnification To Members
§ 30-3-136Annual Report For Secretary Of State
§ 30-3-142Application To Existing Domestic Corporations
§ 30-3-143Application To Qualified Foreign Corporation
§ 30-3-143AApplication To Canal Companies And Carey Act Companies
§ 30-3-144Saving Provisions
§ 30-3-145Severability


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