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Iowa Code > Chapter 648 - Forcible entry and detainer

§ 648.1Grounds.
§ 648.1ANonprofit transitional housing exempted.
§ 648.2By legal representatives.
§ 648.3Notice to quit.
§ 648.4Notice terminating tenancy.
§ 648.5Venue - service of original notice - hearing.
§ 648.6Notice to lienholders.
§ 648.9Change of venue.
§ 648.15How title tried.
§ 648.16Priority of assignment.
§ 648.17Remedy not exclusive.
§ 648.18Possession - bar.
§ 648.19No joinder or counterclaim - exception.
§ 648.20Order for removal.
§ 648.22Judgment - execution - costs.
§ 648.22AExecutions involving mobile homes and manufactured homes.
§ 648.22BCases where mobile or manufactured home is the subject of a foreclosure action.
§ 648.23Restitution.
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Lori Nelson: ...
How should a 3 day notice for not paying rent be served?

October 19, 2012
Steven Daily: ...

Please see Iowa Code section 648.3. I think it spells out what you need to know about serving a notice on the tenant:


Steve Daily

October 19, 2012
Lori Nelson: ...
I've been doing evitions for ten yrs.a judge told me today that I have to have a afadavid proving I posted the 3 day on the tenants door.I put it on the door.certified mailed it and proof of mailed it.where would I get a paper to prove I put it on the door.and how does me filling out a paper prove I did it.

October 19, 2012
Lori Nelson: ...
Judge said as of three months ago ill need proof that I posted three day notice on tenants door.if the tenants don't anwser and sign it I can't get proof.

October 19, 2012

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