Chapter 1 Louisiana Highway Regulatory Act
Chapter 2 Driver’S License Law
Chapter 2-A Denial of Driving Privileges
Chapter 3 Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 4 Vehicle Certificate of Title Law
Chapter 4-C Louisiana &Nbsp;Used Motor Vehicle Commission
Chapter 5 Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Law
Chapter 6 Distribution and Sale of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 6-A Louisiana Vehicle Protection Product Act
Chapter 7 Motor Vehicle Inspection
Chapter 8 Vehicle Equipment Safety Compact
Chapter 9 Driver License Compact
Chapter 10 Nonresident Violator Compact
Chapter 11 Motor Vehicle Habitual Offender Law
Chapter 12 Hazardous Materials Transportation and Motor Carrier Safety
Chapter 13 Seizure and Forfeiture of Contraband
Chapter 14 Hydrocarbon Gas Powered Vehicles
Chapter 15 Notification of Owners
Chapter 16 The Louisiana Towing and Storage Act
Chapter 17 Tri-State Corridor Commission
Chapter 18 Louisiana Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Authority