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Louisiana Laws > Revised Statutes > Title 32 > Chapter 16 - The Louisiana Towing and Storage Act

§ 32:1711The louisiana towing and storage act
§ 32:1712Short title
§ 32:1713Definitions
§ 32:1714Powers and duties of the office of state police
§ 32:1715Towing of motor vehicles in the state of louisiana
§ 32:1716Licensing; special license plates
§ 32:1717Qualifications of licensee; proof of financial responsibility in lieu of insurance
§ 32:1717.1Licensing; storage facility inspection; fee
§ 32:1718Law enforcement notification of a vehicle towed to a storage facility; outdoor storage facility
§ 32:1719Notification to department of public safety and corrections
§ 32:1720Owner notification of a stored vehicle; right to request administrative hearing
§ 32:1720.1Surrender of stored vehicle to lienholder
§ 32:1721Self-park storage facility notification procedure
§ 32:1722Exemption from provisions of r.s. 32:1718 through 1721
§ 32:1723Maintenance of records
§ 32:1724Administrative penalties
§ 32:1725Criminal penalties
§ 32:1726Abandoned automobiles; stored or in possession of dealer or repairman; right to sell; procedure
§ 32:1727Hearings
§ 32:1728Disposal of a stored motor vehicle
§ 32:1728.2Procedure for disposal of junk vehicles
§ 32:1728.3Procedure for disposal of certain vehicles deemed abandoned by municipality or parish
§ 32:1728.4Procedure for disposal of vehicles with no record of ownership; out-of-country vehicles
§ 32:1729Waiver of fee; disposal of law enforcement storage
§ 32:1730Proceeds of sale; disposition of
§ 32:1731The louisiana towing and storage fund
§ 32:1732Third party surcharges
§ 32:1733Fees charged for towing; certain parishes
§ 32:1734Gate fees; other fees; excessive charges; prohibitions; cause of action
§ 32:1735Driver's selection of licensed tow company; law enforcement rotation list; minimum requirements; removal from rotation list
§ 32:1735.1Motor vehicle holds; storage requirements; notification; payment of storage costs
§ 32:1736Towing of motor vehicles from private property; definitions; billing invoices; uniform fees; penalties
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