Chapter 1 Division of Health and Health Officers
Chapter 2 Vital Statistics Laws
Chapter 3 Housing Authorities and Slum Clearance
Chapter 3-B Louisiana Housing Trust Fund Act of 2003
Chapter 3-C Louisiana Housing Preservation Act
Chapter 3-D Louisiana Habitat for Humanity Loan Purchase Program
Chapter 3-E Louisiana Road Home Housing Corporation Act
Chapter 3-F Louisiana Housing Counseling Assistance Act
Chapter 3-G Louisiana Housing Corporation Act
Chapter 4 Food and Drugs
Chapter 5 Miscellaneous Health Provisions
Chapter 6 Department of Public Safety
Chapter 7 Fire Prevention or Protection
Chapter 8 Building Regulations
Chapter 9 Weapons
Chapter 10 Gas
Chapter 11 State Department of Hospitals
Chapter 12 Health Care Cost Control
Chapter 13-A North Louisiana Criminalistics Laboratory Commission
Chapter 13-B Criminalistics Laboratory Commissions
Chapter 13-C Acadiana Criminalistics Laboratory Commission
Chapter 13-D Southeast Louisiana Regional Criminalistics Laboratory Commission
Chapter 14 Meat and Poultry Inspection Law
Chapter 15 Water Pollution Control
Chapter 16 Interstate Compact On Environmental Control
Chapter 17 Governor’S Council On Environmental Quality
Chapter 18 Peace Officer Standards and Training Law
Chapter 19 Governor’S Council On Physical Fitness and Sports
Chapter 20 Long Term Home Health Care
Chapter 21 Hypertension Control Program
Chapter 23 Interagency Recreation Board
Chapter 24 Missing Children Identification Act
Chapter 24-A Duty of Law Enforcement Agencies Receiving Reports of Missing Children
Chapter 24-B Pre-Amber Alert Action Plan
Chapter 24-C Predator Alert System
Chapter 24-E Silver Alert Act
Chapter 25 Rights of Law Enforcement Officers While Under Investigation
Chapter 26 Seizure and Controlled Dangerous Substances Property Forfeiture Act of 1989
Chapter 27 Tanning Facility Regulation
Chapter 31 Disposition of Property Abandoned to Hospitals
Chapter 32 Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund
Chapter 33 Commercial Body Art Regulation
Chapter 34 Louisiana Emergency Response Network (Lern)
Chapter 35 Facilities Providing Housing or Temporary Residence for Individuals Referred by Judicial Agencies