Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Department of Children and Family Services
Chapter 3 Public Assistance
Chapter 4 Poor Relief
Chapter 5 State Hospital Board
Chapter 7 Office of Elderly Affairs
Chapter 8 Maternal and Child Health Services
Chapter 8-A Health Care Reform Act of 2007
Chapter 9 Inmates of Certain Institutions; Special Treatment and Care
Chapter 9-A Vocational Counseling for Foster Children
Chapter 10 Hospital Service Districts
Chapter 10-A Medical Scholarships
Chapter 10-B Nursing Scholarships
Chapter 10-C Allied Health Professionals Scholarships
Chapter 10-D Healthcare Service District – Department of Health and Hospitals’ Region Iv
Chapter 11 Juvenile Probation Service
Chapter 12 Services to Autistic Persons
Chapter 13 Runaway and Homeless Youth Law
Chapter 14 Child Care Facilities and Child-Placing Agencies
Chapter 14-A Missing and Exploited Children
Chapter 14-B Child Care Registration
Chapter 14-C Intergenerational Child Care Program
Chapter 14-E Child Care Workers
Chapter 16 Parish Voluntary Councils On the Aging
Chapter 17 Louisiana Board of Institutions
Chapter 18 Interstate Compact On the Placement of Children
Chapter 19 Commission On the Mentally and Physically Handicapped
Chapter 20 Health and Welfare
Chapter 21 Crime Victims Reparations
Chapter 21-B Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses
Chapter 21-C Profits From Crime or Notoriety
Chapter 22 Division of Youth Services
Chapter 23 Louisiana White Cane Law
Chapter 25 Displaced Homemakers Act
Chapter 27 Bureau for Handicapped Persons
Chapter 27-A Personal Care Assistance Services
Chapter 28 Protection From Family Violence Act
Chapter 28-A Protection From Dating Violence Act
Chapter 28-B Human Trafficking Victims
Chapter 29 Transportation Aid for the Elderly and Handicapped
Chapter 30 Civil Rights for Handicapped Persons
Chapter 30-A Identification of Hearing Impairment in Infants Law
Chapter 31 Governor’S Office of Indian Affairs
Chapter 32 The Louisiana Commission for the Deaf
Chapter 32-A Louisiana Interpreter’S Law
Chapter 33 Community Residential Development Fund
Chapter 34 Children’S Trust Fund Act
Chapter 35 Foster Care Review Boards
Chapter 36 Louisiana Senior Citizens Trust Fund
Chapter 37 Louisiana Commission On Addictive Disorders
Chapter 39 Women’S Policy
Chapter 40 Louisiana Aids Trust Fund
Chapter 43 Task Force for Maximum Utilization of Emergency Room Facility At Charity Hospital of Louisiana At New Orleans
Chapter 44 Office of Disability Affairs
Chapter 45 Children’S Cabinet
Chapter 46 Health Action Plans
Chapter 47 Louisiana Medical Assistance Trust Fund
Chapter 48 Louisiana Traumatic Head and Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund
Chapter 49 Louisiana Inmate Arts Trust Fund
Chapter 52 Louisiana Medicaid Funded Adult Residential Assisted Living Pilot Project
Chapter 53 Community Based Services
Chapter 54 Medicaid Trust Fund for the Elderly
Chapter 55 Children’S Product Safety Act
Chapter 56 Reimbursement of Medicaid School-Based Administrative Claiming
Chapter 57 Health Trust Fund
Chapter 58 Reimbursement Methodology for Nursing Homes
Chapter 59 Juvenile Justice Reform Act Implementation Commission
Chapter 59-A Improved Outcomes for At-Risk Youths Act
Chapter 60 Uncompensated Care Hospital Payments
Chapter 61 Care for Evacuated Patients Program
Chapter 62 Child Poverty Prevention Council for Louisiana
Chapter 63 Umbilical Cord Blood Banking
Chapter 64 Physician Upper Payment Limit Methodology
Chapter 65 Community Hospital Stabilization Fund
Chapter 66 Council On the Status of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren