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Minnesota Statutes Chapter 525 > Intestate Succession

Minnesota Statutes > Estates of Decedents; Guardianships > Chapter 525 > Intestate Succession

Current as of: 2010
§ 525.13Estate
§ 525.14Descent of Cemetery Lot
§ 525.152Award of Property with Sentimental Value to Children
§ 525.161No Surviving Spouse or Kindred, Notices to Attorney General
§ 525.21Quantity of Estate Devised
§ 525.2221Wills Not Affected
§ 525.242Secondary Evidence
§ 525.253Sale of Devised Property
§ 525.31Essentials
§ 525.311Contents of Petition
§ 525.312Decree of Descent
§ 525.313Clearance for Medical Assistance Claims
§ 525.37Foreclosure of Mortgages
§ 525.38Realty Acquired
§ 525.391Property Fraudulently Conveyed
§ 525.392Property Converted
§ 525.393Disposal by Coroner
§ 525.475Dormant Estate; Removal of Representative or Attorney
§ 525.48Final Account, Attorney Fees and Representative Fees
§ 525.483Recording Decree
§ 525.484Property of Deceased Persons to Be Transferred to Representatives of Foreign Countries in Certain Cases
§ 525.486Termination of Trusts; Distribution
§ 525.491Attorney's Lien
§ 525.515Basis for Attorney's Fees
§ 525.528Federal Estate Tax; Marital Deduction
§ 525.71Appealable Orders
§ 525.712Requisites
§ 525.714Suspension by Appeal
§ 525.73Affirmance; Reversal
§ 525.731Judgment; Execution
§ 525.80Representative
§ 525.83Notice
§ 525.831Notice to Attorney General of Devises for Charitable Purposes
§ 525.84Erroneous Escheat
§ 525.841Escheat Returned
§ 525.85Disclosure Proceedings
§ 525.88State Patents
§ 525.881Federal Patents
§ 525.91Letters, Contents
§ 525.95Fiduciary Powers, Suspension during War Service


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