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Nevada Revised Statutes > Chapter 116 > Creation, Alteration And Termination Of Common-Interest Communities

Nevada Revised Statutes > Title 10 > Chapter 116 > Creation, Alteration And Termination Of Common-Interest Communities

Current as of: 2009
§ 116.2101Creation of common-interest communities
§ 116.2102Unit boundaries
§ 116.2103Construction and validity of declaration and bylaws
§ 116.2104Description of units
§ 116.2105Contents of declaration
§ 116.2106Leasehold common-interest communities
§ 116.2107Allocation of allocated interests
§ 116.2108Limited common elements
§ 116.2109Plats
§ 116.211Exercise of developmental rights
§ 116.2111Alterations of units; access to units
§ 116.2112Relocation of boundaries between adjoining units
§ 116.2113Subdivision of units
§ 116.2114Monuments as boundaries
§ 116.2115Use for purposes of sales
§ 116.2116Easement rights; validity of existing restrictions
§ 116.2117Amendment of declaration
§ 116.21175Procedure for seeking confirmation from district court of certain amendments to declaration
§ 116.2118Termination of common-interest community
§ 116.21183Rights of creditors following termination
§ 116.21185Respective interests of units’ owners following termination
§ 116.21188Effect of foreclosure or enforcement of lien or encumbrance
§ 116.2119Rights of secured lenders
§ 116.212Master associations
§ 116.21205Reallocation of costs of administering common elements of certain master associations
§ 116.2121Merger or consolidation of common-interest communities
§ 116.2122Addition of unspecified real estate


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