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Nevada Revised Statutes > Chapter 116 > Management Of Common-Interest Communities

Nevada Revised Statutes > Title 10 > Chapter 116 > Management Of Common-Interest Communities

Current as of: 2009
§ 116.3101Organization of unit-owners’ association
§ 116.3102Powers of unit-owners’ association; limitations
§ 116.3103Power of executive board to act on behalf of association; members and officers are fiduciaries; duty of care; application of business-judgment rule; limitations on power
§ 116.310305Power of executive board to impose construction penalties for failure of unit’s owner to adhere to certain schedules relating to design, construction, occupancy or use of unit or improvement
§ 116.31031Power of executive board to impose fines and other sanctions for violations of governing documents; limitations; procedural requirements; continuing violations; collection of past due fines; statement of balance owed
§ 116.310312Power of executive board to enter grounds of unit to conduct certain maintenance or remove or abate public nuisance; notice of security interest and hearing required; imposition of fines and costs; lien against unit; limitation on liability
§ 116.310313Collection of past due obligation; charge of reasonable fee to collect
§ 116.310315Accounting for fines in books and records of association; prohibition against applying payment for assessment, fee or other charge toward payment of fine; exceptions. [Effective through September 30, 2011.]
§ 116.31032Period of declarant’s control of association; representation of units’ owners on executive board
§ 116.31034Election of members of executive board and officers of association; term of office of member of executive board; staggered terms; eligibility to serve on executive board; required disclosures; procedure for conducting elections; certification by member of
§ 116.31036Removal of member of executive board; indemnification and defense of member of executive board
§ 116.31038Delivery to association of property held or controlled by declarant
§ 116.31039Delivery to association of additional common elements constructed by declarant or successor declarant
§ 116.310395Delivery to association of converted building reserve deficit
§ 116.3104Transfer of special declarant’s right
§ 116.31043Liabilities and obligations of person who succeeds to special declarant’s rights
§ 116.31046Successor not subject to certain claims against or other obligations of transferor of special declarant’s right
§ 116.3105Termination of contracts and leases of declarant
§ 116.3106Bylaws
§ 116.31065Rules
§ 116.3107Upkeep of common-interest community
§ 116.31073Maintenance, repair, restoration and replacement of security walls
§ 116.31075Meetings of rural agricultural residential common-interest communities: Compliance with Open Meeting Law
§ 116.3108Meetings of units’ owners of association; frequency of meetings; calling special meetings or removal elections; requirements concerning notice and agendas; dissemination of schedule of fines; requirements concerning minutes of meetings; right of units’ ow
§ 116.31083Meetings of executive board; frequency of meetings; requirements concerning notice and agendas; periodic review of certain financial and legal matters at meetings; requirements concerning minutes of meetings; right of units’ owners to make audio recording
§ 116.31084Voting by member of executive board; disclosures; abstention from voting on certain matters
§ 116.31085Right of units’ owners to speak at certain meetings; limitations on right; limitations on power of executive board to meet in executive session; procedure governing hearings on alleged violations; requirements concerning minutes of certain meetings
§ 116.31086Solicitation of bids for association project; bids to be opened at meeting of executive board
§ 116.31087Right of units’ owners to have certain complaints placed on agenda of meeting of executive board
§ 116.31088Meetings regarding civil actions; requirements for commencing or ratifying certain civil actions; right of units’ owners to request dismissal of certain civil actions; disclosure of terms and conditions of settlements
§ 116.3109Quorum
§ 116.311Voting by units’ owners; use of proxies; voting by lessees of leased units; association prohibited from voting as owner of unit
§ 116.31105Voting by delegates or representatives; procedure for electing delegates or representatives. [Effective through September 30, 2011.]
§ 116.31107Voting by units’ owners: Prohibited acts; penalty
§ 116.3111Tort and contract liability
§ 116.3112Conveyance or encumbrance of common elements
§ 116.3113Insurance: General requirements
§ 116.31133Insurance: Policies; use of proceeds; certificates or memoranda of insurance
§ 116.31135Insurance: Repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed portion of community
§ 116.31138Insurance: Variance or waiver of provisions in community restricted to nonresidential use
§ 116.311395Funds of association to be deposited or invested at certain financial institutions
§ 116.3114Surplus funds
§ 116.31142Preparation and presentation of financial statements
§ 116.31144Audit and review of financial statements
§ 116.3115Assessments for common expenses; funding of adequate reserves; collection of interest on past due assessments; calculation of assessments for particular types of common expenses; notice of meetings regarding assessments for capital improvements
§ 116.31151Annual distribution to units’ owners of operating and reserve budgets or summaries of such budgets and policy for collection of fees, fines, assessments or costs; ratification of budget
§ 116.31152Study of reserves; duties of executive board regarding study; qualifications of person who conducts study; contents of study; submission of summary of study to Division; use of money credited against residential construction tax for upkeep of park facilit
§ 116.31153Signatures required for withdrawals of certain association funds; exceptions
§ 116.31155Fees imposed on associations or master associations to pay for costs of administering Office of Ombudsman and Commission; administrative penalties for failure to pay; interest on unpaid fees; limitations on amount of fees and penalties; procedure to recov
§ 116.31158Registration of associations with Ombudsman; contents of form for registration
§ 116.3116Liens against units for assessments
§ 116.31162Foreclosure of liens: Mailing of notice of delinquent assessment; recording of notice of default and election to sell; period during which unit’s owner may pay lien to avoid foreclosure; limitations on type of lien that may be foreclosed
§ 116.31163Foreclosure of liens: Mailing of notice of default and election to sell to certain interested persons
§ 116.311635Foreclosure of liens: Providing notice of time and place of sale; service of notice of sale; contents of notice of sale; proof of service
§ 116.31164Foreclosure of liens: Procedure for conducting sale; purchase of unit by association; execution and delivery of deed; use of proceeds of sale
§ 116.31166Foreclosure of liens: Effect of recitals in deed; purchaser not responsible for proper application of purchase money; title vested in purchaser without equity or right of redemption
§ 116.31168Foreclosure of liens: Requests by interested persons for notice of default and election to sell; right of association to waive default and withdraw notice or proceeding to foreclose
§ 116.3117Liens against association
§ 116.31175Maintenance and availability of books, records and other papers of association: General requirements; exceptions; general records concerning certain violations; enforcement by Ombudsman; limitations on amount that may be charged to conduct review
§ 116.31177Maintenance and availability of certain financial records of association; provision of copies to units’ owners and Ombudsman
§ 116.3118Maintenance and availability of certain financial records necessary to provide information required for resale of units; right of units’ owners to inspect, examine, photocopy and audit records of association
§ 116.31183Retaliatory action prohibited; separate action by unit’s owner
§ 116.31185Prohibition against certain personnel soliciting or accepting compensation, gratuity or remuneration under certain circumstances
§ 116.31187Prohibition against certain personnel contracting with association or accepting commission, personal profit or compensation from association; exceptions
§ 116.31189Bribery of community manager or member of executive board; penalties; exceptions
§ 116.3119Association as trustee
§ 116.32Right of units’ owners to display flag of the United States in certain areas; conditions and limitations on exercise of right
§ 116.325Right of units’ owners to exhibit political signs in certain areas; conditions and limitations on exercise of right
§ 116.33Right of units’ owners to install or maintain drought tolerant landscaping; conditions and limitations on exercise of right; installation of drought tolerant landscaping within common elements
§ 116.335Association prohibited from requiring unit’s owner to obtain approval to rent or lease unit; exceptions
§ 116.34Transient commercial use of units within certain planned communities
§ 116.345Association of planned community prohibited from taking certain actions regarding property, buildings and structures within planned community; validity of existing restrictions
§ 116.35Limitations regarding regulation of certain roads, streets, alleys or other thoroughfares; permissible regulation of parking or storage of certain vehicles


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