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New Hampshire Revised Statutes 458:18-a - Group Insurance Plans

New Hampshire Revised Statutes > Title XLIII > Chapter 458 > § 458:18-a - Group Insurance Plans

Current as of: 2009

Upon a decree of nullity, divorce, or legal separation, if one spouse is a member of a group health insurance plan and the employer or any other sponsor is responsible for the payment of the premium required by the insurer as the consideration for providing coverage to an ex-spouse, such premium shall be paid either by the health insurance plan member, the ex-spouse of the member, or by both the member and the ex-spouse as they shall agree or as shall be ordered in the decree of divorce by the court. The provisions of this section shall apply to dental coverage provided by such group health insurance plan and shall apply whether or not the ex-spouse is receiving child support payments. This section shall apply only to continued coverage under RSA 415:18, XVI or 29 U.S.C. section 1161, and shall not affect or limit any rights of the former spouse under RSA 415:18, VII-b.

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Tennessee Code > Title 64 > Chapter 2 > Part 3 > § 64-2-310. Contracts

Current as of: 2010

All contracts of the authority shall be entered into and executed in such manner as may be prescribed by statutes, regulations and procedures governing contracting by county governments; but no contract or acquisition by purchase of equipment, apparatus, materials or supplies involving more than five hundred dollars ($500), or for construction, installation, repair or improvement of the property or facilities involving more than five hundred dollars ($500) shall be made except after such contract has been advertised for bids. Advertisement is not required when an emergency arises and requires immediate delivery of the supplies or performance of the service.

[Acts 1981, ch. 542 (Orig. Compl. as Priv. Acts 1981, ch. 57), § 11; T.C.A., § 66-2-310.]

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