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New Jersey Statutes 56:13-16. Unlawful practices for towing company

2.The Legislature finds and declares that:

a.While the majority of tow truck operators in New Jersey are reputable service providers, some unscrupulous towers are engaged in predatory practices victimizing consumers whose vehicles are parked on public streets and private property;

b.Predatory towing practices include charging unwarranted or excessive fees, particularly in connection with towing vehicles from private parking lots which do not display any warnings to the vehicle owners, or overcharging consumers for towing services provided under circumstances where the consumer has no meaningful opportunity to withhold consent;

c.The legitimate business interests of tow truck operators and the needs of private property owners for relief from unauthorized parking must be balanced with the interest in providing appropriate protection to consumers;

d.Whatever authority exists in the law to regulate towing and towing companies is fragmented among various State agencies and local governments, so that inconsistent or inadequate regulation often results, with insufficient recourse provided under the law; and

e.Therefore, it is in the public interest to create a coordinated, comprehensive framework to establish and enforce minimum standards for tow truck operators.

L.2007, c.193, s.2.
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Ray: ...
New jersey consensual lien
Can I place a consensual lien on my property? If so can I have it published in the newspaper? If so is there a statue state that so?

June 05, 2012
Steven Daily: ...
A consensual lien is normally created by a contract between the property owner and another party, typically a lender. A mortgage lien is a good example. So I am a little confused by your question. Why are you placing a lien (a bad thing) on your own property? Who is the lien protecting? Someone who is lending you money?

June 05, 2012
Gabrielle E.: ...
Does a towing company have the right to hold the contents/cargo for their recovery fees when the owner of the cargo is not the same as the owner of the truck. Such as in the case of a accident involving a tractor trailer

August 07, 2013

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