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New Jersey Statutes > Title 39 > Chapter 4 - Traffic Regulation

§ 39:4-1Application of chapter
§ 39:4-2Transfer of powers and duties of commissioner to director of Division of Motor Vehicles
§ 39:4-6Duties of commissioner
§ 39:4-7Director's hearings; subpoenas
§ 39:4-8Commissioner of Transportation's approval required; exceptions
§ 39:4-8.1Approval of handicapped parking spaces, signs
§ 39:4-8.2Definitions relative to traffic regulation
§ 39:4-8.3Regulation of traffic, parking on public highways, transportation systems
§ 39:4-8.4Issuance of order
§ 39:4-8.5Official permanent record of orders
§ 39:4-8.6Continuance, adoption of rules, regulations
§ 39:4-8.7Orders not considered rule, regulation pursuant to C.52:14B-1 et seq
§ 39:4-8.8Construction of act
§ 39:4-8.9Definitions relative to speed humps
§ 39:4-8.10Construction of speed humps, traffic calming measures by municipality, county
§ 39:4-8.11Conformance of speed humps to DOT standards
§ 39:4-8.12Findings, declarations relative to traffic control signal monitoring systems
§ 39:4-8.13Definitions relative to traffic control signal monitoring systems; recording requirements
§ 39:4-8.14Five-year pilot program relative to effectiveness of installation, utilization of traffic control signal monitoring systems, public awareness campaign
§ 39:4-8.15Review of recorded images by law enforcement official; issuance of summons
§ 39:4-8.16Rules, regulations
§ 39:4-8.17Reports from municipalities; annual report to Governor, Legislature
§ 39:4-8.18Effective date, expiration date
§ 39:4-8.19Request for commissioner's review; fees; rules, regulations
§ 39:4-8.20Payment of fine; distribution
§ 39:4-8.21Construction of curb extension, bulbout on certain private roads
§ 39:4-9.1Exchange of information between states concerning certain violations
§ 39:4-10Lights and reflectors on bicycles
§ 39:4-10.1Bicycle helmets, requirements
§ 39:4-10.2Violations, warnings, fines; "Bicycle and Skating Safety Fund
§ 39:4-10.3Posting of sign required; violations, penalties; renters required to provide helmet; immunity
§ 39:4-10.4Rules, regulations
§ 39:4-10.5Definitions, requirements relative to wearing helmets when roller skating, skate boarding
§ 39:4-10.6Violations, penalties, disposition of fines collected
§ 39:4-10.7Noncompliance no bar to action
§ 39:4-10.8Warning notice for roller skates, skateboards, electric personal assistive mobility devices; immunity from civil liability
§ 39:4-10.9Posting of sign required; violations; penalties
§ 39:4-10.10Rights, duties of roller skaters, skateboarders on roadway
§ 39:4-10.10aRegulation of skateboarding, roller skating; "roller skates" defined
§ 39:4-10.10bAccommodation of roller skates, skateboards not required
§ 39:4-10.11Roller skaters, skateboarders to keep to right of roadway; exceptions
§ 39:4-10.12Act not applicable to roller skating rinks
§ 39:4-10.13Rules, regulations
§ 39:4-11Audible signal
§ 39:4-11.1Brake required
§ 39:4-12Position of hands and feet; carrying another person
§ 39:4-14Hitching on vehicles prohibited
§ 39:4-14.1Rights, duties of bicycle riders on roadways, exemptions
§ 39:4-14.2Keeping to right; exceptions; single file
§ 39:4-14.3Regulations relative to motorized bicycles
§ 39:4-14.3aRetail sales; conformance of bicycles to act and regulations
§ 39:4-14.3bViolations; penalties
§ 39:4-14.3cRules and regulations
§ 39:4-14.3dOperator only on bicycle
§ 39:4-14.3eCompulsory liability insurance coverage
§ 39:4-14.3fAccident reports
§ 39:4-14.3gOperation by person under influence of liquor or drugs; penalty
§ 39:4-14.3hSuspension of privilege; second violation
§ 39:4-14.3iRegistration; requirements; form and content of certificate; expiration; renewal
§ 39:4-14.3jForm for sale of motorized bicycles; registration; fees
§ 39:4-14.3kLicense plate
§ 39:4-14.3lRemoval from state, destruction, theft or discontinued usage; notice; transfer of ownership
§ 39:4-14.3mDisplay of license
§ 39:4-14.3nMake and model numbers; certification; list of approved bicycles
§ 39:4-14.3oNonresident motorized bicycle owner; registration
§ 39:4-14.3pProof of ownership; bicycle purchased prior to effective date of act
§ 39:4-14.3qHelmet
§ 39:4-14.3rDealer licensed as motor vehicle dealer; inapplicability of restrictions contained in Municipal Land Use Law
§ 39:4-14.3sRules and regulations
§ 39:4-14.3tViolations; fine
§ 39:4-14.3uOwnership acquired prior to effective date of act; compliance with act
§ 39:4-14.3vEducation program for safe operation; fund
§ 39:4-14.3v1Educational program for safe operation of bicycles; fund
§ 39:4-14.3wAppropriation of fees
§ 39:4-14.3xMotorized bicycle operators subject to penalties
§ 39:4-14.4Sale or rent of bicycle; equipment with reflectors
§ 39:4-14.4aHelmet use; required display of promotional statement
§ 39:4-14.5Bicycle defined
§ 39:4-14.6Inapplicability of act to person not regularly engaged in selling or renting bicycles
§ 39:4-14.7Equipment; rules and regulations
§ 39:4-14.7aRules, regulations; warning cards
§ 39:4-14.8Violations; penalties
§ 39:4-14.9Enforcement of act; jurisdiction of proceedings to collect fine
§ 39:4-14.10Electric personal assistive mobility device defined; regulations concerning
§ 39:4-14.11Noncompliance with regulations on electric personal assistive mobility device operation, warning, fine
§ 39:4-14.12Motorized scooter, prohibited from operation on public street, highway, sidewalk; exceptions
§ 39:4-14.13Violations, fines, seizure, community service
§ 39:4-14.15Issuance of placard, sticker authorizing operation of motorized scooter by handicapped person; regulations; definition
§ 39:4-15Sleigh bells on horses attached to a sleigh
§ 39:4-16Unattended horses; precautions used
§ 39:4-17Unbitted horses
§ 39:4-18Removing part of vehicle or harness
§ 39:4-19Obstructing sidewalk with tie rope, etc
§ 39:4-20Hitching horses to pole, post, tree or hydrant prohibited
§ 39:4-21Racing on highway prohibited; exception
§ 39:4-22Reins held in hands
§ 39:4-23Mistreatment of horse, violations, disorderly person; certain acts, crime of fourth degree
§ 39:4-24Use of whip
§ 39:4-25Lights on animal-drawn vehicles
§ 39:4-25.1Rights and duties of persons riding or driving animals
§ 39:4-26Moving heavy machinery, apparatus, etc
§ 39:4-27Loading and operation of trailer; permittee's responsibility in damages
§ 39:4-28Height; overhead wires
§ 39:4-29Time for moving along street railway tracks
§ 39:4-30Exceptions to application of article; "temporary" or "in-transit" registration plates
§ 39:4-31Violations of article; fine
§ 39:4-31.1Operation of low-speed vehicle on public roads; conditions
§ 39:4-31.2Requirements for low-speed vehicles operated on public road, highway
§ 39:4-31.3Valid driver's license required for operation of low-speed vehicle; registration, insurance
§ 39:4-31.4Certificate of origin of low-speed vehicle; waiver of liability by purchaser
§ 39:4-31.5Low-speed vehicle exempt from inspection
§ 39:4-32Crossing roadway; signal
§ 39:4-33Use of designated crosswalk; keeping to right
§ 39:4-34Pedestrians to cross within crosswalk or at right angles; facing traffic; sidewalks
§ 39:4-36Driver to yield to pedestrians, exceptions; violations, penalties
§ 39:4-36.1Crossing having pedestrian tunnel or overhead crossing; right of way
§ 39:4-36.2"Pedestrian Safety Enforcement and Education Fund
§ 39:4-36.3Findings, declarations relative to pedestrian safety
§ 39:4-36.4Identification of problem intersections
§ 39:4-37Regulating crossing at intersections by local authorities
§ 39:4-37.1Right-of-way crossing intersection for blind person, guide dog instructor
§ 39:4-38Vehicles travelling upon street car route to give way to street car; intersections; overtaking and passing street cars
§ 39:4-39Distance to be kept behind street car
§ 39:4-40Passing street car
§ 39:4-41Driving through safety zones prohibited
§ 39:4-42Action of motorman on collision
§ 39:4-43Crossing signals
§ 39:4-44Car stops
§ 39:4-45Obstruction of crosswalks by street cars
§ 39:4-46Commercial motor vehicle identification; GVWR to be displayed
§ 39:4-47Violations of article; fine
§ 39:4-48Operating or using motor vehicle without consent of owner; fine
§ 39:4-49Tampering with vehicle; fine
§ 39:4-49.1Drug possession by motor vehicle operator
§ 39:4-49.2Exemption; physicians, dentists, etc
§ 39:4-49.3Exemption; common carriers, warehousemen, etc
§ 39:4-50Driving while intoxicated
§ 39:4-50aand 39:4-50b have been reallocated as 39:4-50.22 and 39:4-50.23, respectively
§ 39:4-50.2Consent to taking of samples of breath; record of test; independent test; prohibition of use of force; informing accused
§ 39:4-50.2aGuidelines for DWI and breath test refusal prosecutions
§ 39:4-50.3Method of analyses; approval of techniques; certification of analysts; reports; forms
§ 39:4-50.4aRevocation for refusal to submit to breath test; penalties
§ 39:4-50.5Severability
§ 39:4-50.8Drunk Driving Enforcement Fund
§ 39:4-50.9Short title
§ 39:4-50.10"Victim" defined
§ 39:4-50.11Victims' rights
§ 39:4-50.12Consultation with prosecutor
§ 39:4-50.13Tort Claims Act rights
§ 39:4-50.14Penalties for underage person operating motor vehicle after consuming alcohol
§ 39:4-50.15Additional penalty for driving under the influence with a minor as a passenger
§ 39:4-50.16Findings, declarations relative to ignition interlock devices
§ 39:4-50.17Sentencing drunk driving offenders; device defined
§ 39:4-50.17aMonthly leasing fee for installation of ignition interlock device
§ 39:4-50.18DMV notation of interlock device installation
§ 39:4-50.19Violation of law; penalties
§ 39:4-50.20Certification of devices
§ 39:4-50.21Rules, regulations
§ 39:4-50.22Written statement of potential civil, criminal liability for permitting an intoxicated arrestee's operation of motor vehicle
§ 39:4-50.23Impoundment of vehicle operated by arrestee; conditions of release; fee for towing, storage
§ 39:4-51Sentence for violation of 39:4-50; service, work release; rules, regulations
§ 39:4-51aNo consumption of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles; presumption; penalties
§ 39:4-51bProhibition of possession of open, unsealed alcoholic beverage container, circumstances
§ 39:4-52Racing on highway prohibited; fine
§ 39:4-53Leaving vehicle with engine running prohibited; fine
§ 39:4-54Trailers; number permitted; towing methods; auxiliary axles; converter dolly
§ 39:4-55Action on steep grades and curves
§ 39:4-56Delaying traffic prohibited
§ 39:4-56.1Willfully causing vehicle to become disabled; abandonment of vehicle upon public highway
§ 39:4-56.2Violations; penalties
§ 39:4-56.3Suspension of registration
§ 39:4-56.4Legislative findings and declarations
§ 39:4-56.5Abandonment of motor vehicle
§ 39:4-56.6Abandonment of vehicle on private property; removal by owner of property; costs; sale of vehicle
§ 39:4-56.7Issuance of summons for violation by law enforcement officer
§ 39:4-56.8Definitions; removal of disabled motor vehicles by towing service under contract; failure to remove debris surrounding vehicle; penalty
§ 39:4-57Observance of directions of officers
§ 39:4-57.1Activation of interior light in vehicle upon request of police officer; fine
§ 39:4-58Driving vehicle with view to rear and sides obstructed
§ 39:4-59Begging rides prohibited
§ 39:4-60Soliciting trade or contributions permitted, certain; designation of particular highway as hazardous for such purposes; signs; penalty
§ 39:4-60.1Certain rotating or flashing lights prohibited
§ 39:4-60.2Removal without notice
§ 39:4-60.3Emergency use
§ 39:4-61Tailboard riding
§ 39:4-62Leaving curb
§ 39:4-63Placing, throwing or depositing from motor vehicle, injurious substance on highway; fine; forfeiture of right to operate motor vehicle
§ 39:4-64Highway littering ban
§ 39:4-64.1Signs informing of consequences of violation
§ 39:4-65Letting off or taking on persons
§ 39:4-66Emerging from alley, driveway, garage, or private road or driveway
§ 39:4-66.1Right of way on entering or leaving alley, driveway, garage, or private road or driveway
§ 39:4-66.2Avoidance of traffic control signal, sign; violations, penalties
§ 39:4-67Obstructing passage of other vehicles or street cars prohibited; clearance of intersections
§ 39:4-68Doors of street car or autobus closed
§ 39:4-69Riding on part not intended for passengers prohibited
§ 39:4-71Driving on sidewalk
§ 39:4-72Slowing, stopping on signal from driver, rider of a horse; violations, fine
§ 39:4-75Overweight vehicles on bridge; penalty
§ 39:4-76Driving overweight vehicles on interstate bridges; penalty; liability for damages; disposition of penalties
§ 39:4-77Loading so as to spill prohibited; minimum safety standards; penalty
§ 39:4-77.1Snow, ice dislodged from moving vehicle causing injury, property damage; penalties; public awareness campaign, data collection system
§ 39:4-77.2"Motor Vehicle Snow and Ice Removal Safety Fund
§ 39:4-77.3"Anti-Snow Dumping Act"; violations, penalties
§ 39:4-78Carrying metals
§ 39:4-79Backing to curb
§ 39:4-80Traffic control by officers
§ 39:4-80.1Penalty for failure to comply with school crossing guard's signal to stop
§ 39:4-81Traffic signals, observance; rule at nonoperational signals
§ 39:4-82Keeping to right
§ 39:4-82.1Two roadway highways; driving upon
§ 39:4-83Keeping to right at intersections; exception on one-way roadway
§ 39:4-84Passing to right when proceeding in opposite directions
§ 39:4-85Passing to left when overtaking; passing when in lines; signalling to pass; passing upon right
§ 39:4-85.1Designation of one-way traffic
§ 39:4-86Overtaking and passing vehicles; crossing "No Passing" lines
§ 39:4-87Overtaken vehicle to give way
§ 39:4-87.1Right of way of certain buses reentering traffic
§ 39:4-88Traffic on marked lanes
§ 39:4-88.1Penalties, fines
§ 39:4-88.2Repository fund
§ 39:4-89Following; space between trucks
§ 39:4-90Right of way at intersections
§ 39:4-90.1Limited access highways, driving onto or from
§ 39:4-91Right of way of emergency vehicles; liability of drivers
§ 39:4-92Authorized emergency vehicles; clearance for; following or parking near
§ 39:4-92.1Fire department vehicle returning to fire station; flashing red light
§ 39:4-92.2Procedure for motorist approaching stationary authorized emergency vehicle, tow truck, highway maintenance or emergency service vehicle
§ 39:4-93Processions
§ 39:4-94Railroad blocking highway
§ 39:4-94.2State, county or municipal highway, road or street closed with posted notice and barricade; violations; penalty
§ 39:4-95"Vehicle" defined
§ 39:4-96Reckless driving; punishment
§ 39:4-97Careless driving
§ 39:4-97aAgricultural, recreational property protected
§ 39:4-97.1Slow speeds as blocking traffic
§ 39:4-97.2Driving, operating a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner, offense created; fines; surcharge
§ 39:4-97.3Use of wireless telephone, electronic communication device in moving vehicles; definitions; enforcement
§ 39:4-97.4Inapplicability of act to certain officials
§ 39:4-97.5Supersedure, preemption of local ordinances
§ 39:4-98Rates of speed
§ 39:4-98.1Designation of lower maximum speed limits for trucks of registered gross weight of 10,000 pounds and over
§ 39:4-98.2Counties or municipalities; reduction of regular speed limit for 72 hours for maintenance or repairs; notice to commissioner
§ 39:4-98.3Short title
§ 39:4-98.4Definitions relative to 65mph speed limit
§ 39:4-98.5Speed limit of 65mph established, certain highways
§ 39:4-98.6Certain fines doubled where speed limit is 65mph
§ 39:4-98.7Speeding 20mph or more over limit; fines, certain; doubled
§ 39:4-98.8Study to determine effect of 65mph speed limit; report; implementation
§ 39:4-98.9Emergency orders
§ 39:4-99Exceeding speed limitations; speed specified in charge
§ 39:4-100Rate of speed across sidewalk
§ 39:4-101Speedways
§ 39:4-102Speeding by physicians in emergencies
§ 39:4-103Exemptions from speed regulations
§ 39:4-103.1Photo radar defined, usage prohibited
§ 39:4-104Violations of article; penalty
§ 39:4-105Color system
§ 39:4-106Sequence of lights
§ 39:4-107Period or cycle
§ 39:4-108Semaphores
§ 39:4-109Position of lenses
§ 39:4-110Height of signals
§ 39:4-111Power of lights
§ 39:4-112Visibility of signals to traffic at intersections
§ 39:4-113Continuously controlled highway
§ 39:4-114Traffic signal in paved roadway or poles in crosswalk lanes prohibited
§ 39:4-115Making right or left turn
§ 39:4-116Special right or left turn
§ 39:4-117Special pedestrian interval
§ 39:4-118Beacon or flashing signal
§ 39:4-119Traffic control signals operating as flashing mechanisms; red; amber
§ 39:4-120Traffic control signal devices
§ 39:4-120.1Official traffic control signals
§ 39:4-120.2Flashing mechanism; use by municipalities
§ 39:4-120.3Submission of written information to commissioner
§ 39:4-120.5Definitions
§ 39:4-120.6Erection of traffic control device by owner of private open road
§ 39:4-120.7Approval for traffic control device
§ 39:4-120.8Owner's responsibilities
§ 39:4-120.9Drivers' obedience
§ 39:4-120.10Penalties
§ 39:4-120.11Rules, regulations
§ 39:4-120.4Ordinance, regulation or resolution; effective date
§ 39:4-121Traffic lights on state roads in suburban districts at location of fire engine houses; installation by state highway commission
§ 39:4-121.1Dangerous intersections in counties or municipalities; traffic lights
§ 39:4-121.2Expenses paid from state highway fund
§ 39:4-121.3Installation, alteration, maintenance of traffic control devices
§ 39:4-122Signal by police whistle
§ 39:4-123Right and left hand turns
§ 39:4-124Method of turning at intersection; local authorities may determine
§ 39:4-125Turning on curve, grade or place where view obstructed or State highway marked with "no U turn" sign
§ 39:4-126Signaling before starting, turning or stopping
§ 39:4-127Backing or turning in street
§ 39:4-127.1Railroad crossings; stopping
§ 39:4-127.2Movable span bridges
§ 39:4-128Vehicles required to stop at grade crossings; method of crossing; exceptions; notice to railroad of intention to cross with certain vehicles or machinery; violations; penalties
§ 39:4-128.1School buses stopped for children, certain disabled persons, duty of motorists, bus driver; violations, penalties
§ 39:4-128.3Definitions
§ 39:4-128.4Approaching or overtaking stopped frozen dessert truck; stopping
§ 39:4-128.5Frozen dessert truck; equipment
§ 39:4-128.6Stopped frozen dessert truck; duty of driver
§ 39:4-128.7Conditions for vending
§ 39:4-128.8Backing up truck to make sale; prohibition
§ 39:4-128.9Riding in or on frozen dessert truck; authorized persons only
§ 39:4-128.10Violations; penalty
§ 39:4-128.11Regulations relative to certain commercial vehicles stopping at railroad crossings
§ 39:4-129Action in case of accident
§ 39:4-130Immediate notice of accident; written report
§ 39:4-131Accident reports; availability
§ 39:4-131.1Inconsistent rule, regulation, resolution or ordinance inconsistent with act or establishing fee in excess of fee under Right to Know Law; supersedure
§ 39:4-132Certain damages reported by repairman
§ 39:4-134Report of death to director
§ 39:4-134.1Application of article
§ 39:4-134.2"Next-of-Kin Registry
§ 39:4-134.3Use of "Next-of-Kin Registry
§ 39:4-134.4Rules, regulations
§ 39:4-135Parking; direction and side of street; angle parking; one-way street
§ 39:4-136Parking on highway; removing vehicle; disabled vehicle
§ 39:4-137Vehicle without driver; brakes set; motor stopped; wheels turned to curb
§ 39:4-138Places where parking prohibited; exceptions; moving vehicle not under one's control into prohibited area
§ 39:4-138.1Determination of "no parking zones"
§ 39:4-138.3Parking in front of driveway permitted; conditions
§ 39:4-138.4Permits; issuance, application, description
§ 39:4-138.5Display required; permit fees
§ 39:4-138.6Municipal authority to set certain permissible parking distances
§ 39:4-139Loading or unloading passengers or materials; period at certain places
§ 39:4-139.2Short title
§ 39:4-139.3Definitions
§ 39:4-139.4Uniform traffic ticket; complaint and summons; contents; personal service
§ 39:4-139.5Joint liability of owner and operator; recovery by owner against operator; leased vehicles
§ 39:4-139.6Failure to answer or appear; rule applicable; procedures; notice
§ 39:4-139.7Answer to parking ticket or failure to appear notice
§ 39:4-139.8Evidence; submission to court; presence of officer; default judgment after failure to answer or pay fine and penalties; effect; assessment of costs; appeals; limitation of actions
§ 39:4-139.9Operating costs; civil contempt
§ 39:4-139.10Failure to respond, pay parking judgment, penalties
§ 39:4-139.10aTime limit on enforcement of parking violations
§ 39:4-139.11Restoration of driver's license, registration after satisfaction of fines and penalties; recordation
§ 39:4-139.12Suspension of license; fee; deposit
§ 39:4-139.13Impoundment or immobilization of vehicle with outstanding warrants; authorization by municipalities by ordinance; sale at auction; reclamation of possession prior to sale; disposition of proceeds
§ 39:4-139.14Contracts by municipalities with public agency or private organization for services to process parking offenses; plan by municipality; approval by Supreme Court
§ 39:4-140Designation of through highways, stop intersections and yield intersections; erection of stop or yield signs
§ 39:4-141Placing of signs
§ 39:4-143Intersecting through streets
§ 39:4-144Stopping or yielding right of way before entering stop or yield intersections
§ 39:4-183.1Legal authority
§ 39:4-183.1aInstallation of traffic control device, sign by municipality at request of school
§ 39:4-183.1bDesignation of "Older and Walking Impaired Persons Crossing" areas
§ 39:4-183.2Signs hereafter erected
§ 39:4-183.3Display of unauthorized traffic signs
§ 39:4-183.4Prohibited signs deemed a nuisance; action for removal
§ 39:4-183.6Determination of signage
§ 39:4-183.8Materials
§ 39:4-183.9Design of traffic signs
§ 39:4-183.10Message; wording and symbols
§ 39:4-183.11Illumination; reflectorization
§ 39:4-183.12Location
§ 39:4-183.15Continuous maintenance
§ 39:4-183.21aRemoval of certain signs
§ 39:4-183.22aConstruction warning signs
§ 39:4-183.24Standard location, information signs
§ 39:4-183.25Repeal
§ 39:4-183.27Rules and regulations; placement, specifications, location and maintenance of traffic signs and markings
§ 39:4-183.28Repeals
§ 39:4-183.29Continuance of rules and regulations promulgated by department of transportation prior to act
§ 39:4-183.30Effect of act on offenses, liabilities, penalties or forfeitures prior to date of act
§ 39:4-183.31Posting of pedestrian crossing yield signs
§ 39:4-191.1Legal authority; uniformity
§ 39:4-191.2Types of markings
§ 39:4-191.6Illumination and reflectorization
§ 39:4-191.7Word markings limited
§ 39:4-196.1Local authority
§ 39:4-196.2Types of safety zones and traffic islands
§ 39:4-196.3Location, design and protection
§ 39:4-197Ordinance, resolution, regulation on matters covered by chapter
§ 39:4-197.1Prohibiting normal traffic on county or state highway; consent of board of chosen freeholders or highway commission necessary
§ 39:4-197.2County road lying within municipality; regulation of traffic and parking
§ 39:4-197.3Special traffic regulations
§ 39:4-197.4Angle parking ordinances; exemption from approval by state; conditions
§ 39:4-197.5Restricted parking for use by handicapped persons; ordinances, resolutions or regulations
§ 39:4-197.6Restricted parking zone, residence of handicapped person
§ 39:4-197.7Permits for motor vehicle; fee
§ 39:4-197.8State Highway Route No
§ 39:4-197.9Handicapped parking enforcement units
§ 39:4-197.10Qualifications for appointment to unit
§ 39:4-197.11Preference for handicapped persons
§ 39:4-197.12Reimbursement for mileage
§ 39:4-197.13Course of instruction required
§ 39:4-197.14Permissive benefits
§ 39:4-197.15Uniform and maintenance allowance
§ 39:4-197.16Findings, declarations relative to prohibiting certain trucks, truck-trailer combinations from using portions of Route 29
§ 39:4-197.17Weight prohibitions
§ 39:4-197.18Exceptions for emergency, government or local service
§ 39:4-197.19Exceptions for certain vehicles after hearing
§ 39:4-197.20Necessary signage by DOT
§ 39:4-197.21Violations, fines
§ 39:4-198Notice of ordinance, resolution or regulation by signs
§ 39:4-199Safety zones, signals, guideposts and other structures on state highway; approval by highway commission
§ 39:4-199.1Official traffic signs at traffic islands, safety zones and grade separations, etc
§ 39:4-201Resolutions, ordinances, regulations pertaining to traffic on county roads; notice; penalties
§ 39:4-201.1"No passing" zones
§ 39:4-202Approval of resolutions, ordinances or regulation by commissioner
§ 39:4-203General penalty for violations of chapter
§ 39:4-203.1Indigents permitted to pay fines in installments, waiver, certain; guideline for indigency
§ 39:4-203.2Failure to comply with installment order; additional penalties
§ 39:4-203.3Violations pertaining to pedestrians and bicycles by juvenile under 17; warning; penalties
§ 39:4-203.4Conviction for violation after Jan
§ 39:4-203.5Offenses in area of highway construction, repair or designated safe corridor
§ 39:4-204"Person with a disability" defined
§ 39:4-205Person with a disability identification card
§ 39:4-206Vehicle identification card, placard
§ 39:4-207Parking overtime by driver of motor vehicle with placard or wheelchair symbol license plates; no penalty
§ 39:4-207.1Rules and regulations
§ 39:4-207.2Person with an intellectual disability defined
§ 39:4-207.3Issuance of insignia for motor vehicle used for transporting persons with intellectual disabilities
§ 39:4-207.4Vehicle transporting persons with intellectual disabilities authorized to park in space reserved for persons with physical disabilities
§ 39:4-207.5Out-of-State vehicles with persons with disabilities plate, placard, permit
§ 39:4-207.6Definitions
§ 39:4-207.7Removal of motor vehicle unlawfully parked
§ 39:4-207.8Issuance of card, placard for vehicles transporting certain nursing home residents
§ 39:4-207.9Unobstructed access for parking spaces, curb cuts for persons with a disability; violations, penalties
§ 39:4-208Trenton, State's property at; regulations authorized
§ 39:4-209Violations; penalties
§ 39:4-210Jurisdiction of offenses; disposition of fines
§ 39:4-211Enforcement of regulations
§ 39:4-212Consultation, cooperation relative to enforcement of regulations
§ 39:4-213Control of traffic during emergency conditions; Attorney-General's powers
§ 39:4-214Signals; signs; police personnel
§ 39:4-215Failure to obey signals, signs or directions
§ 39:4-216Commercial activity or solicitation of contributions; prohibition
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