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New Mexico Statutes Chapter 13 > Article 1 - Procurement

New Mexico Statutes > Chapter 13 > Article 1 - Procurement

Current as of: 2010
§ 13-1-21Application of preferences
§ 13-1-21.2Equal procurement access for New York businesses
§ 13-1-22Resident business and manufacturer certification; application; information
§ 13-1-28Short title
§ 13-1-29Rules of construction; purposes
§ 13-1-30Application of the code
§ 13-1-31Definition; architectural services
§ 13-1-32Definition; blind trust
§ 13-1-33Definition; brand-name specification
§ 13-1-34Definition; brand-name or equal specification
§ 13-1-35Definition; business
§ 13-1-36Definition; catalogue price
§ 13-1-37Definition; central purchasing office
§ 13-1-38Definition; change order
§ 13-1-39Definition; confidential information
§ 13-1-40Definition; construction
§ 13-1-40.1Definition; construction management and construction manager
§ 13-1-41Definition; contract
§ 13-1-42Definition; contract modification
§ 13-1-43Definition; contractor
§ 13-1-44Definition; cooperative procurement
§ 13-1-45Definition; cost analysis
§ 13-1-46Definition; cost data
§ 13-1-47Definition; cost reimbursement contract
§ 13-1-49Definition; data
§ 13-1-50Definition; definite quantity contract
§ 13-1-51Definition; designee
§ 13-1-52Definition; determination
§ 13-1-53Definition; direct or indirect participation
§ 13-1-53.1Definition; electronic
§ 13-1-54Definition; employee
§ 13-1-55Definition; engineering services
§ 13-1-56Definition; external procurement unit
§ 13-1-57Definition; financial interest
§ 13-1-58Definition; firm fixed price contract
§ 13-1-59Definition; gratuity
§ 13-1-60Definition; heavy road equipment
§ 13-1-61Definition; highway reconstruction
§ 13-1-62Definition; immediate family
§ 13-1-63Definition; indefinite quantity contract
§ 13-1-64Definition; invitation for bids
§ 13-1-65Definition; surveying services
§ 13-1-66Definition; landscape architectural services
§ 13-1-66.1Definition; local public works project
§ 13-1-67Definition; local public body
§ 13-1-68Definition; multi-term contract
§ 13-1-69Definition; multiple source award
§ 13-1-70Definition; notice of invitation for bids
§ 13-1-71Definition; price agreement
§ 13-1-72Definition; price analysis
§ 13-1-73Definition; pricing data
§ 13-1-74Definition; procurement
§ 13-1-75Definition; procurement officer
§ 13-1-76Definition; professional services
§ 13-1-77Definition; purchase order
§ 13-1-78Definition; purchase request
§ 13-1-79Definition; qualified products list
§ 13-1-80Definition; regulation
§ 13-1-81Definition; request for proposals
§ 13-1-82Definition; responsible bidder
§ 13-1-83Definition; responsible offeror
§ 13-1-84Definition; responsive bid
§ 13-1-85Definition; responsive offer
§ 13-1-86Definition; secretary
§ 13-1-87Definition; services
§ 13-1-88Definition; small business
§ 13-1-89Definition; specification
§ 13-1-90Definition; state agency
§ 13-1-91Definition; state public works project
§ 13-1-92Definition; state purchasing agent
§ 13-1-93Definition; tangible personal property
§ 13-1-94Definition; using agency
§ 13-1-95Purchasing division; creation; director is state purchasing agent; appointment; duties
§ 13-1-95.1Electronic transmissions
§ 13-1-96Delegation of authority by the state purchasing agent
§ 13-1-97Centralization of procurement authority
§ 13-1-97.1Contract database
§ 13-1-98Exemptions from the Procurement Code
§ 13-1-98.1Hospital and health care exemption
§ 13-1-98.2Additional exemptions from the Procurement Code
§ 13-1-99Excluded from central purchasing through the state purchasing agent
§ 13-1-100Construction contracts; central purchasing office
§ 13-1-100.1Construction contracts; construction management services
§ 13-1-102Competitive sealed bids required
§ 13-1-103Invitation for bids
§ 13-1-104Competitive sealed bids; public notice
§ 13-1-105Competitive sealed bids; receipt and acceptance of bids
§ 13-1-106Competitive sealed bids; correction or withdrawal of bids
§ 13-1-107Competitive sealed bids; bid opening
§ 13-1-108Competitive sealed bids; award
§ 13-1-109Competitive sealed bids; multi-step sealed bidding
§ 13-1-110Competitive sealed bids; identical bids
§ 13-1-111Competitive sealed proposals; conditions for use
§ 13-1-112Competitive sealed proposals; request for proposals
§ 13-1-113Competitive sealed proposals; public notice
§ 13-1-114Competitive sealed proposals; evaluation factors
§ 13-1-115Competitive sealed proposals; negotiations
§ 13-1-116Competitive sealed proposals; disclosure; record
§ 13-1-117Competitive sealed proposals; award
§ 13-1-117.1Procurement of professional services; local public bodies; legislative branch; selection and award
§ 13-1-117.2Procurement of professional services; local public bodies; professional technical advisory assistance
§ 13-1-117.3Contracts for the design and installation of measures for the conservation of natural resources
§ 13-1-118Competitive sealed proposals; professional services contracts; contract review
§ 13-1-119Competitive sealed qualifications-based proposals; architects; engineers; landscape architects; surveyors; additional requirements
§ 13-1-119.1Public works project delivery system; design and build projects authorized
§ 13-1-119.2Design and build procurement for certain transportation projects
§ 13-1-120Competitive sealed qualifications-based proposals; architects; engineers; landscape architects; surveyors; selection process
§ 13-1-121Competitive sealed qualifications-based proposals; architects; engineers; landscape architects; surveyors; selection committee; state public works projects
§ 13-1-122Competitive sealed qualifications-based proposals; award of architect, engineering, landscape architect and surveying contracts
§ 13-1-123Architectural, engineering, landscape architectural and surveying contracts
§ 13-1-124Architect rate schedule
§ 13-1-124.1Short title
§ 13-1-124.2Applicability
§ 13-1-124.3Definitions
§ 13-1-124.4Construction manager at risk delivery method authorized; multiphase selection procedure
§ 13-1-124.5Responsibilities of construction manager at risk following award of project
§ 13-1-125Small purchases
§ 13-1-126Sole source procurement
§ 13-1-127Emergency procurements
§ 13-1-128Sole source and emergency procurements; content and submission or record
§ 13-1-129Procurement under existing contracts
§ 13-1-130Purchases; antipoverty program business
§ 13-1-131Rejection or cancellation of bids or requests for proposals; negotiations
§ 13-1-132Irregularities in bids or proposals
§ 13-1-133Responsibility of bidders and offerors
§ 13-1-134Prequalification of bidders
§ 13-1-135Cooperative procurement authorized
§ 13-1-135.1Recycled content goods; cooperative procurement
§ 13-1-136Cooperative procurement; reports required
§ 13-1-137Sale, acquisition or use of property by a state agency or a local public body
§ 13-1-138Cost or pricing data required
§ 13-1-138.1Specification of certain components; separate pricing required
§ 13-1-138.2School construction projects; separate pricing required in certain circumstances
§ 13-1-139Cost or pricing data not required
§ 13-1-140Cost or pricing data; change orders or contract modifications
§ 13-1-141Cost or pricing data; change orders; contract modifications; exceptions
§ 13-1-142Cost or pricing data; certification required
§ 13-1-143Cost or pricing data; price adjustment provision required
§ 13-1-144Cost or price analysis
§ 13-1-145Cost principles; regulations
§ 13-1-146Requirement for bid security
§ 13-1-146.1Directed suretyship prohibited; penalty
§ 13-1-147Bid security; rejection of bids
§ 13-1-148Bid and performance bonds; additional requirements
§ 13-1-148.1Bonding of subcontractors
§ 13-1-149Types of contracts
§ 13-1-150Multi-term contracts; specified period
§ 13-1-151Multi-term contracts; determination prior to use
§ 13-1-152Multi-term contracts; cancellation due to unavailability of funds
§ 13-1-153Multiple source award; limitations on use
§ 13-1-154Multiple source award; determination required
§ 13-1-154.1Multiple source contracts; architectural and design service contracts; indefinite quantity construction contracts
§ 13-1-155Procurement of used items; appraisal required; county road equipment exception for auctions
§ 13-1-156Trade or exchange of used items; appraisal required
§ 13-1-157Receipt; inspection; acceptance or rejection of deliveries
§ 13-1-158Payments for purchases
§ 13-1-159Right to inspect plant
§ 13-1-160Audit of cost or pricing data
§ 13-1-161Contract audit
§ 13-1-162State procurement standards and specifications committee; terms; staff
§ 13-1-163Committee powers and duties; special committees; annual report
§ 13-1-164Specifications; maximum practicable competition
§ 13-1-165Brand-name specification; use
§ 13-1-166Brand-name specification; competition
§ 13-1-167Brand-name or equal specification; required characteristics
§ 13-1-168Brand-name or equal specification; required language
§ 13-1-169Purchase request; specifications; purchase orders
§ 13-1-170Uniform contract clauses
§ 13-1-171Price adjustments
§ 13-1-172Right to protest
§ 13-1-173Procurements after protest
§ 13-1-174Authority to resolve protests
§ 13-1-175Protest; determination
§ 13-1-176Protest; notice of determination
§ 13-1-177Authority to debar or suspend
§ 13-1-178Causes for debarment or suspension; time limit
§ 13-1-179Debarment or suspension; determination
§ 13-1-180Debarment or suspension; notice of determination
§ 13-1-181Remedies prior to execution of contract
§ 13-1-182Ratification or termination after execution of contract
§ 13-1-183Judicial review
§ 13-1-184Assistance to small business; policy
§ 13-1-185Assistance to small business; duties of the state purchasing agent
§ 13-1-186Assistance to small business; bid bonds; reduction
§ 13-1-187Small business; report to the legislature
§ 13-1-188Public acquisition of American-made motor vehicles required
§ 13-1-189Procurements pursuant to the Corrections Industries Act
§ 13-1-190Unlawful employee participation prohibited
§ 13-1-191Bribes; gratuities and kickbacks; contract reference required
§ 13-1-191.1Campaign contribution disclosure and prohibition
§ 13-1-192Contingent fees prohibited
§ 13-1-193Contemporaneous employment prohibited
§ 13-1-194Waivers from contemporaneous employment and unlawful employee participation permitted
§ 13-1-195Use of confidential information prohibited
§ 13-1-196Civil penalty
§ 13-1-197Recovery of value transferred or received; additional civil penalty
§ 13-1-198Kickbacks; additional civil penalty
§ 13-1-199Misdemeanor


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