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New Mexico Statutes Chapter 47 > Article 1 - Conveyances and General Provisions

New Mexico Statutes > Chapter 47 > Article 1 - Conveyances and General Provisions

Current as of: 2010
§ 47-1-1"Real estate" defined
§ 47-1-2Monopolies; entailments; primogeniture
§ 47-1-4Conveyances authorized
§ 47-1-5Signing of conveyances
§ 47-1-6Seal unnecessary
§ 47-1-7Powers of attorney and revocations thereof to be acknowledged and recorded
§ 47-1-8Conveyances under terminated power of attorney; validation
§ 47-1-9Notice of revocation or death by means of affidavit
§ 47-1-10Recordation of affidavit of termination of power of attorney
§ 47-1-11Instruments by agent authorized
§ 47-1-12Conveyance by decree or master
§ 47-1-13Lineal and collateral securities; contracts binding realty as against heirs and legal claimants
§ 47-1-14Effect of words "bargained and sold"
§ 47-1-15Joint grantees or devisees; tenancy in common
§ 47-1-16Instrument of conveyance; prima facie evidence of joint tenancy
§ 47-1-17Entailed estates
§ 47-1-18Reversion; "heirs" and "successors" defined
§ 47-1-19Rights of heirs of life tenant when made remaindermen
§ 47-1-20Remainder to unborn child
§ 47-1-21Future possession dependent on death without heirs; effect of birth of posthumous child
§ 47-1-22Grants of rents, returns or remainders
§ 47-1-23Transfer of reversion authorized
§ 47-1-24Rights of transferee of reversion
§ 47-1-26Tax assessment or payment in name of nonowner is not cloud on title
§ 47-1-27"Statutory forms" of conveyance and mortgage of real property
§ 47-1-28Applicability from effective date of act
§ 47-1-29"Warranty deed" effective in fee simple
§ 47-1-30"Quitclaim deed" effective in fee simple without warranty
§ 47-1-31"Special warranty deed"; effect
§ 47-1-32"Grant" effective as a word of conveyance
§ 47-1-33Unnecessary terms; construction of deeds or reservations
§ 47-1-34Rights included without enumeration
§ 47-1-35Conveyance or mortgage to joint tenants
§ 47-1-36Joint tenancies defined; creation
§ 47-1-37Effect of warranty covenants in conveyances
§ 47-1-38Effect of special warranty covenants in conveyances
§ 47-1-39Mortgage or deed of trust provisions; effect
§ 47-1-40Construction of "mortgage covenants"
§ 47-1-41Construction of "statutory mortgage condition"
§ 47-1-42Sheriff designated as successor trustee
§ 47-1-43Verb "assign" sufficient to transfer interest
§ 47-1-44Conveyancing forms
§ 47-1-45Real estate brokerage agreements required to be in writing
§ 47-1-46Real estate descriptions by reference to recorded instruments
§ 47-1-47Recovery of realty donated to state or municipality for specific purposes
§ 47-1-48Rules applicable; service of process
§ 47-1-49New Mexico coordinate system; zones
§ 47-1-50Zone designations
§ 47-1-51Plane coordinates, x and y; definition
§ 47-1-52Description of land located in more than one zone
§ 47-1-53Definition of coordinate system according to U.S. coast and geodetic survey [national ocean survey and national geodetic survey]
§ 47-1-54Recordation of land description based on coordinate system; limitation
§ 47-1-55Use on maps, reports of survey or other documents
§ 47-1-56Use of coordinate system


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