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New York Laws > Insurance > Article 11 - Licensing of Insurers

§ 1101Definitions; doing an insurance business
§ 1102Insurer's license required; issuance
§ 1103Duration of licenses
§ 1104Revocation or suspension of license; restriction of license authority or limitation on premiums written
§ 1105Voluntarily ceasing to maintain license
§ 1106Additional requirements for foreign or alien insurer's license
§ 1107Licenses for unincorporated insurers
§ 1108Insurers exempt from licensing and other requirements
§ 1109Limited exemption for health maintenance organizations
§ 1110Charitable annuity societies exempt; special permits
§ 1111Compulsory insurance; bonds of surety companies; certificates of qualification
§ 1112Reciprocal provisions as to taxes, license fees, deposits, and other requirements
§ 1112-AReports
§ 1113Kinds of insurance authorized
§ 1114Reinsurance business
§ 1115Limitation of risk, in general
§ 1116Prepaid legal services plans and legal services insurance
§ 1117Health insurance plans for long term care
§ 1118Regional pilot projects for the uninsured
§ 1119Limited exemption for continuing care retirement communities
§ 1120Child health insurance plan
§ 1121Voucher insurance program
§ 1122New York state health insurance continuation assistance demonstration project
§ 1123Health insurance demonstration program for independent workers
§ 1123-AHealth insurance demonstration program for former employees
§ 1124Institutions of higher education exempt; certificate of authority
§ 1124*2Managed care health savings account
§ 1125Freelancers health plan demonstration program
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