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New York Laws > Mental Hygiene > Title B > Article 7 - Office of Mental Health

§ 7.01Declaration of policy
§ 7.03Definitions
§ 7.07Office of mental health; scope of responsibilities
§ 7.09Powers of the office and commissioner; how exercised
§ 7.11Organization and administration of the office of mental health and its facilities
§ 7.13Local services
§ 7.15Programs of the office of mental health
§ 7.17Programs, services, and operation of facilities in the office of mental health
§ 7.18Secure treatment facilities in the office
§ 7.19Personnel of the office
§ 7.21Directors of facilities
§ 7.23Education and training
§ 7.25Safety
§ 7.27Facility services
§ 7.29Gifts
§ 7.31Disposition of moneys and securities
§ 7.33Boards of visitors
§ 7.35Actions against persons rendering professional services at the request of the office; defense and indemnification
§ 7.37Powers of the office and commissioner in relation to the planning and referral of mentally ill children for adult services
§ 7.37-ATransitional care
§ 7.38Additional duties of the office with respect to persons receiving transitional care
§ 7.39Registration and notification of boards of directors or trustees of certain voluntary not-for-profit facilities or corporations
§ 7.41Geriatric service demonstration program
§ 7.43The children's plan
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