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New York Laws > Real Property > Article 7 - Landlord and Tenant

§ 220Action for use and occupation
§ 221Rent due on life leases recoverable
§ 222When rent is apportionable
§ 223Rights where property or lease is transferred
§ 223-ARemedies of lessee when possession is not delivered
§ 223-BRetaliation by landlord against tenant
§ 224Attornment by tenant
§ 225Notice of action adverse to possession of tenant
§ 226Effect of renewal on sub-lease
§ 226-AEffect of new lease on tenant's right to remove fixtures or improvements
§ 226-BRight to sublease or assign
§ 227When tenant may surrender premises
§ 227-ATermination of residential lease by senior citizens moving to a residence of a family member or entering certain health care facilities, adult care
§ 227-BTermination of certain contracts by senior citizens
§ 227-CTermination of residential lease by victims of domestic violence
§ 228Termination of tenancies at will or by sufferance, by notice
§ 229Liability of tenant holding over after giving notice of intention to quit
§ 230Right of tenants to form, join or participate in tenants' groups
§ 231Lease, when void; liability of landlord where premises are occupied for unlawful purpose
§ 232Duration of certain agreements in New York
§ 232-ANotice to terminate monthly tenancy or tenancy from month to month in the city of New York
§ 232-BNotification to terminate monthly tenancy or tenancy from month to month outside the city of New York
§ 232-CHolding over by a tenant after expiration of a term longer than one month; effect of acceptance of rent
§ 233Manufactured home parks; duties, responsibilities
§ 233-ASale of manufactured home parks
§ 234Tenants' right to recover attorneys' fees in actions or summary proceedings arising out of leases of residential property
§ 235Wilful violations
§ 235-ATenant right to offset payments and entitlement to damages in certain cases
§ 235-BWarranty of habitability
§ 235-CUnconscionable lease or clause
§ 235-DHarassment
§ 235-EDuty of landlord to provide written receipt
§ 235-FUnlawful restrictions on occupancy
§ 235-GElectronic billing and/or payment of rent
§ 236Assignment of lease of a deceased tenant
§ 237Discrimination in leases with respect to bearing of children
§ 237-ADiscrimination against children in dwelling houses and manufactured home parks
§ 238Agreements or contracts for privileges to deal with occupants of tenements, apartment houses or bungalow colonies
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Evette Rodriguez: ...
I am a renter in the Bronx, NY and I have been living in my apartment for 16 years. I am trying to get information on whether or not the landlord is required to replace old appliances.

October 15, 2012
wayne sprossel: ...
own home ,rent land. two dying 30 ft. pine trees 8 foot off road.We have been here only two years who is responsible for getting them removed

June 01, 2013

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