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North Dakota Code 39-06.1-10.1 - Alternative disposition - Driver training course - Exceptions

North Dakota Code > Title 39 > Chapter 39-06.1 > § 39-06.1-10.1 - Alternative disposition - Driver training course - Exceptions

Current as of: 2009

A person issued a summons or notice to appear under section 39-07-07 may appear before the court and elect to attend a driver training course approved by the director in lieu of entry of points on the licensee's driving record. A person who elects to attend the course must so notify the court at the time of posting the bond, which is forfeited even though an election is made under this section. The person who makes the election shall pay the driver training course fee to the driver training course sponsor. When a person elects to attend the course, the point penalty of five points or fewer as provided for the violation by section 39-06.1-10 may not be assessed; provided, that proof of completion of the course is presented to the department within thirty days after the person notifies the court of the election. A person may not make an election under this section if:

       1.      That person has made an election under this section within the twelve months preceding the date of issuance of the summons or notice to appear;

       2.      The offense is assigned six or more points; or

       3.      The offense is an offense listed in section 39-06.1-05.

A person making an election under this section forfeits any point reduction option under section 39-06.1-13.

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