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Rhode Island General Laws > Chapter 5-54 - Physician Assistants

§ 5-54-1Declaration of policy
§ 5-54-2Definitions
§ 5-54-3Exemptions
§ 5-54-4Board of licensure -- Creation
§ 5-54-5Board of licensure
§ 5-54-6Board of licensure -- Organization and meetings -- Compensation of members
§ 5-54-7Board of licensure -- Powers and duties
§ 5-54-8Permitted health care practices by physician assistants
§ 5-54-9Criteria for licensure as a physician assistant
§ 5-54-10Registration based on previous practice
§ 5-54-11Issuance and annual renewal of certificates of licensure
§ 5-54-11.1Inactive list
§ 5-54-12Grounds for refusal to renew, suspension or revocation of certificates
§ 5-54-12.1Continuing medical education
§ 5-54-13Procedure for discipline
§ 5-54-13.1Non-disciplinary alternative
§ 5-54-14Grounds for discipline without a hearing
§ 5-54-15Appeals from board, administrator or director
§ 5-54-16Penalty for misrepresentation
§ 5-54-17Injunction of violations
§ 5-54-19Receipts
§ 5-54-20Enforcement of chapter
§ 5-54-20.1Immunity from liability for gratuitous emergency assistance
§ 5-54-21Severability
§ 5-54-22Continuing medical education
§ 5-54-23Reports relating to professional conduct and capacity -- Regulations -- Confidentiality -- Immunity
§ 5-54-24Requirements relating to professional conduct
§ 5-54-25Communication of information among health care facilities
§ 5-54-26Hospital responsibility to take action based upon adverse information received
§ 5-54-27Participation in disaster and emergency care
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