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South Carolina Code 27-37-10. Grounds for ejectment of tenant

(A) The tenant may be ejected upon application of the landlord or his agent when (1) the tenant fails or refuses to pay the rent when due or when demanded, (2) the term of tenancy or occupancy has ended, or (3) the terms or conditions of the lease have been violated.

(B) For residential rental agreements, nonpayment of rent within five days of the date due constitutes legal notice to the tenant that the landlord has the right to begin ejectment proceedings under this chapter if a written rental agreement specifies in bold conspicuous type that nonpayment of rent constitutes such notice. This requirement is satisfied if the written rental agreement contains the notice specified in Section 27-40-710(B).

Legislative history
1962 Code Section 41-101; 1952 Code Section 41-101; 1946 (44) 2584; 2000 Act No. 409, Section 5.
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Charlotte Ridings: ...
can my landlord have me a vacate for calling the cops to my appt on an ex boyfreind that want leave me alone and he has been told not to come back we have never lived together and he has not stayed here

March 25, 2013
josh marquis: ...
How long do i have before i havd to leaveince sefved with papers? would the judge give me more time if needed??

February 27, 2014

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