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South Carolina Code 41-35-710. Appellate Panel review of appeal tribunal decision

The Department of Employment and Workforce Appellate Panel may on its own motion affirm, modify, or set aside a decision of an appeal tribunal on the basis of evidence previously submitted in the case; direct the taking of additional evidence; or permit a party to the decision to initiate further appeals before it. The appellate panel must permit further appeals by a party to a decision of an appeal tribunal and by the examiner whose decision has been overruled or modified by an appeal tribunal. The appellate panel may remove to itself or transfer to another appeal tribunal the proceedings on a claim pending before an appeal tribunal. Proceedings removed to the appellate panel must be heard by a quorum pursuant to the requirements of Sections 41-35-690 and 41-35-720. The appellate panel promptly must notify a party to a proceeding of its findings and decision.

Legislative history
1962 Code Section 68-161; 1952 Code Section 68-161; 1942 Code Section 7035-86; 1936 (39) 1716; 1939 (41) 487; 1941 (42) 369; 1966 (54) 2640; 2010 Act No. 146, Section 94, eff March 30, 2010.
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