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South Carolina Code > Title 16 > Chapter 13 - Forgery, Larceny, Embezzlement, False Pretenses and Cheats

§ 16-13-10Forgery
§ 16-13-15Falsifying or altering transcript or diploma; fraudulent use of falsified or altered transcript or diploma; penalty
§ 16-13-30Petit larceny; grand larceny
§ 16-13-35Presumed value of credit card subject to larceny
§ 16-13-40Stealing of bonds and the like
§ 16-13-50Stealing livestock; confiscation of motor vehicle or other chattel
§ 16-13-60Stealing dogs
§ 16-13-65Aquaculture operations; stealing or damaging products or facilities
§ 16-13-66Penalties for violating Section 16-13-65
§ 16-13-70Stealing of vessels and equipment pertaining thereto; payment of damages
§ 16-13-80Larceny of bicycles
§ 16-13-100Stealing crude turpentine
§ 16-13-105Definitions as to shoplifting and similar offenses
§ 16-13-110Shoplifting
§ 16-13-111Reports of shoplifting convictions
§ 16-13-120Shoplifting; presumptions from concealment of unpurchased goods
§ 16-13-130Sections 16-13-110 and 16-13-120 are cumulative
§ 16-13-140Defense to action for delay to investigate ownership of merchandise
§ 16-13-150Purse snatching
§ 16-13-160Breaking into motor vehicles or tanks, pumps and other containers wherein fuel or lubricants are stored
§ 16-13-170Entering house or vessel without breaking with intent to steal; attempt to enter
§ 16-13-175Confiscation and forfeiture of motor vehicle used in larceny; hearing
§ 16-13-177Timber theft; forfeiture of property
§ 16-13-180Receiving stolen goods
§ 16-13-181Action for damages resulting from violation of Section 16-13-180
§ 16-13-185Failure to pay for gasoline; penalties
§ 16-13-210Embezzlement of public funds
§ 16-13-220Embezzlement of public funds; presumption on proof of failure to account for receipts
§ 16-13-230Breach of trust with fraudulent intent
§ 16-13-240Obtaining signature or property by false pretenses
§ 16-13-250Effect when obtaining signature or property by false pretenses amounts to larceny
§ 16-13-260Obtaining property under false tokens or letters
§ 16-13-290Securing property by fraudulent impersonation of officer
§ 16-13-300Fraudulent removal or secreting of personal property attached or levied on
§ 16-13-310Taking official records without authority
§ 16-13-320Swindling
§ 16-13-330Stealing or damaging works of literature or objects of art
§ 16-13-331Unauthorized removal or concealment of library property prohibited; penalty
§ 16-13-332Library personnel exempt from liability for arrest of persons suspected of concealment or removal of library property
§ 16-13-340Failure to return books, newspapers, magazines and the like borrowed from library and other institutions
§ 16-13-350Posting copies of Sections 16-13-330 to 16-13-370
§ 16-13-360Disposition of fines collected under Sections 16-13-330 and 16-13-340
§ 16-13-370Cumulative effect of Sections 16-13-330 to 16-13-360
§ 16-13-380Theft of electric current
§ 16-13-385Altering, tampering with or bypassing electric, gas or water meters
§ 16-13-390Cheating producers of electricity
§ 16-13-400Avoiding or attempting to avoid payment of telecommunications services
§ 16-13-410Making or possessing device, plans or instructions which can be used to violate Section 16-13-400
§ 16-13-420Failure to return leased or rented property; fraudulent appropriation of leased or rented property
§ 16-13-437False statement or representation as to income, to public housing agency, to obtain or retain public housing or with respect to determining rent; misdemeanor; penalties; restitution
§ 16-13-440Use of false or fictitious name or address to obtain refund from business establishment for merchandise
§ 16-13-450Unlawful issuance, sale, or offer to sell identification card or document purporting to contain age or date of birth
§ 16-13-451Unlawful submission of documentation required under Section 16-13-450
§ 16-13-452Law enforcement or intelligence activities not subject to Sections 16-13-450 and 16-13-451
§ 16-13-460Church to separate and use money only for cemetery maintenance when so designated; penalties
§ 16-13-470Defrauding drug and alcohol screening tests; penalty
§ 16-13-480Providing false identifications for use by unlawful aliens; penalty
§ 16-13-500Citation of article
§ 16-13-510"Financial identity fraud" and "identifying information" defined; penalty and restitution
§ 16-13-512Printing credit and debit card numbers on sales receipts; exceptions; penalties
§ 16-13-525Financial identity fraud enabling unlawfully present alien to live or work in United States; penalties
§ 16-13-530Exceptions from application of article
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