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South Dakota Laws > Title 21 > Chapter 19 - Claim Of Homestead And Personal Property Exemptions

South Dakota Laws > Title 21 > Chapter 19 - Claim Of Homestead And Personal Property Exemptions

Current as of: 2010
§ 21-19-1Definition of terms
§ 21-19-2Affidavit required to levy on homestead in excess of exemption--Contents--Filing and service of notice of levy and affidavit
§ 21-19-3Notice of levy on property--Contents--Statement as to claim of exemptions
§ 21-19-4Service on debtor of notice of levy
§ 21-19-5Effect of levy made without notice--Time allowed for claim of exemptions--Restoration on claim of exemptions without notice of levy
§ 21-19-6Court order for substitute method of making service
§ 21-19-7Retention of property levied after notice to debtor
§ 21-19-8Sale of perishable property seized--Retention of proceeds
§ 21-19-9Time allowed for claim of exemptions--Claim by debtor's dependent
§ 21-19-10Contents of claim of exemptions--Schedule of property
§ 21-19-11Verification of claim required
§ 21-19-12Failure to claim additional exemptions as waiver
§ 21-19-13Relief from default in claiming exemptions--Effect on prior proceedings
§ 21-19-14Procedure for claim exclusive except as to absolute exemptions
§ 21-19-15Absolute exemptions not waived by failure to claim--Proceedings to reach homestead exceeding exemption
§ 21-19-16Retention of property claimed as exempt until final determination
§ 21-19-17Application and order for immediate release of items of definite value--Earnings necessary for support of debtor and family
§ 21-19-18Release of exempt property on failure of creditor to answer
§ 21-19-19Creditor's answer to claim of exemptions--Specification of disputed facts and valuations
§ 21-19-20Disputed valuation of homestead--Demand for appraisal
§ 21-19-21Appointment of appraisers
§ 21-19-22Specification of items to be appraised--Undisputed valuations--Appraisal of homestead
§ 21-19-23Appraisement at fair market value--Completion and filing of appraisement
§ 21-19-24Hearing on appraisement--Valuations accepted unless questioned--Recitals in court order on appraisement
§ 21-19-25Amendment of papers filed
§ 21-19-26Order releasing exempt property--Amended claim where exemptions claimed exceed limitations
§ 21-19-27Valuation of additional property to permit full benefit of exemptions--Selection and release of additional property
§ 21-19-28Division and setting aside homestead exceeding limitations--Court order where division not feasible
§ 21-19-29Sale of homestead--Disposition of proceeds--Postponement of sale to permit payment by debtor
§ 21-19-30Stay of proceedings on appeal from order--Security required


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