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South Dakota Laws > Title 34 > Chapter 27 - Cemeteries And Burial Records

South Dakota Laws > Title 34 > Chapter 27 - Cemeteries And Burial Records

Current as of: 2010
§ 34-27-1Department of Health approval required for mausoleum construction plans
§ 34-27-2Crypts and catacombs constructed to permit examination--Hermetical sealing
§ 34-27-3Reinterment required where crypt or catacomb not properly sealed
§ 34-27-4Violation as to mausoleum construction as misdemeanor
§ 34-27-5Racial discrimination in cemetery as petty offense--Restrictive covenants void--Immunity from liability for damages
§ 34-27-6Burial record book required of cemetery--Indexes--Ownership records--Official inspection
§ 34-27-7Purpose of requirements as to cemetery plats
§ 34-27-8Subdivision and platting of cemeteries required--Filing with local registrar of vital records
§ 34-27-9Numbering of grave spaces on cemetery plat--Designation of veterans' burials--Marking of burials
§ 34-27-10Cemetery plats received by local registrar--Posting when burial permit issued
§ 34-27-11Card-index records of burials maintained by local registrar--Contents
§ 34-27-12Supervision of burial record system by Department of Health--Enforcement powers
§ 34-27-13Filing by local registrars of data from graves registration survey project--Fees not receivable
§ 34-27-14Violation or failure to maintain records as misdemeanor
§ 34-27-15Duty of reinterment when cemetery removed--Punishment for omission of duty
§ 34-27-16Liability for expense of reinterment on removal of cemetery
§ 34-27-17Punishment for omission to reinter when cemetery removed
§ 34-27-18Opening grave or breaking building with intent to remove body or coffin as misdemeanor
§ 34-27-19Removing dead body maliciously or with intent to sell or dissect as misdemeanor
§ 34-27-20Receiving dead body unlawfully removed as misdemeanor
§ 34-27-21Definition of terms
§ 34-27-22Buying, selling, or bartering human skeletal remains or funerary objects as felony
§ 34-27-24Commercial display of human skeletal remains or funerary objects as felony
§ 34-27-25Reporting discovery of human skeletal remains--Failure to report as misdemeanor
§ 34-27-26Disturbing human skeletal remains or funerary objects as felony
§ 34-27-28Notification to landowner and coroner--Notification to state archaeologist and tribal officials--Time limits
§ 34-27-30Rules promulgated by State Historical Society Board of Trustees
§ 34-27-31Discovery of human remains or funerary objects by state educational institution or museum--Contact state archaeologist--Notice to tribal officials--Tribal request--Disposition of remains or objects
§ 34-27-32Refusal to turn over remains or objects to tribal group--Appeal
§ 34-27-33Confidentiality of archaeological records pertaining to location of unmarked burials and other human remains--Exceptions


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karen voeltz: ...
can you legally bury a person who was creamated atop of a person who was buried in a vault in sd the person is in an urn?

March 30, 2013

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