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Tennessee Code > Title 39 > Chapter 17 > Part 13 - Weapons

Tennessee Code > Title 39 > Chapter 17 > Part 13 - Weapons

Current as of: 2010
§ 39-17-1301Part definitions
§ 39-17-1302Prohibited weapons
§ 39-17-1303Unlawful sale, loan or gift of firearm
§ 39-17-1304Restrictions on firearm ammunition
§ 39-17-1305Possession of firearm where alcoholic beverages are served
§ 39-17-1306Carrying weapons during judicial proceedings
§ 39-17-1307Unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon
§ 39-17-1308Defenses to unlawful possession or carrying of a weapon
§ 39-17-1309Carrying weapons on school property
§ 39-17-1310Affirmative defense to carrying weapons on school property
§ 39-17-1311Carrying weapons on public parks, playgrounds, civic centers and other public recreational buildings and grounds
§ 39-17-1312Inaction by persons eighteen (18) years of age or older, including parents or guardians, knowing a minor or student illegally possesses a firearm
§ 39-17-1314Local regulation of firearms and ammunition preempted by state regulation — Actions against firearms or ammunition manufacturers, trade associations or dealers
§ 39-17-1315Written directive and permit to carry handguns
§ 39-17-1316Sales of dangerous weapons — Certification of purchaser — Exceptions — Licensing of dealers — Definitions
§ 39-17-1317Confiscation and disposition of confiscated weapons
§ 39-17-1318New serial numbers for confiscated firearms
§ 39-17-1319Handgun possession prohibited — Exceptions
§ 39-17-1320Providing handguns to juveniles — Penalties
§ 39-17-1321Possession of handgun while under influence — Penalty
§ 39-17-1322Defenses
§ 39-17-1323Commission of certain offenses while wearing a body vest
§ 39-17-1324Offense of possessing a firearm during commission or attempt to commit dangerous felony
§ 39-17-1350Law enforcement officers permitted to carry firearms — Exceptions — Restrictions — Identification card for corrections officers
§ 39-17-1351Handgun carry permits
§ 39-17-1352Suspension or revocation of license
§ 39-17-1353Review of revocation or suspension
§ 39-17-1354Judicial review of department determination
§ 39-17-1355Applicability of Uniform Administrative Procedures Act
§ 39-17-1356Duplicate permits
§ 39-17-1357Notice of address change
§ 39-17-1358Retention of records — Violations
§ 39-17-1359Prohibition at certain meetings — Posting notice
§ 39-17-1360Rules and regulations
§ 39-17-1361Execution of documents by sheriff or chief of police
§ 39-17-1362Imitation firearm — Defined — Offense to display in threatening manner in public place


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