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Tennessee Code > Title 66 > Chapter 28 - Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

Tennessee Code > Title 66 > Chapter 28 - Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

Current as of: 2010
Part 1General Provisions
Part 2Rental Agreements
Part 3Landlord Obligations
Part 4Tenant Obligations
Part 5Enforcement and Remedies


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I signed a three year lease for a store. After six month i was forsed to close the store for lack of business. I sent a letter to the landlord telling him of my intention to close ...
tenan has property in back yard that frozen in cover smow round in ,april 1,2014 , the landlord said going to rip Marilyn off the property off damage my health with treated ...
My lease was written for the laws of Colorado, but we rent in Utah. Is my lease valid for the state of Utah?...
My toilet has been broken for 2 and a half weeks now and I have to turn the water off because it continually runs. I live in a one bedroom so I only have one bathroom. I filed th...
question can a landlord rent the same home many times in the same mouth...
while the renter is still living in the house...

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Tennessee Code > Title 66 > Chapter 28 - Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
Tennessee Code > Title 66 > Chapter 30 - Residential Ground Rent Act
Tennessee Code > Title 66 > Chapter 35 - Rent Control
Tennessee Code > Title 68 > Safety > Chapter 111 - Rented Premises Unfit For Habitation

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becky fenyves: ...
Is towing signage based on the number of spaces. Son's car towed and there are only two signs, one at each entrance for an apartment complex that houses over 600+ occupants.

September 26, 2012
Terri B.: ...
Is a pet deposit refundable or non-refundable if the pet does not damage the premises?

June 12, 2013
Steven Daily: ...
Whether a pet deposit is refundable depends on the agreement made between the tenant and the landlord when the deposit was paid. Have you checked the lease to see if it covers pet deposits? If not, perhaps there was another document that the tenant signed regarding the pet deposit.

One possibility is that the deposit is used by the landlord to pay for a more extensive cleaning and deodorizing than would be customary without a pet. So while you say the pet did no "damage," in fact it may have left a larger than usual cleanup challenge for the landlord, especially if there is carpeting.

Steve Daily


June 12, 2013
kelsey kelly: ...
If it states in the lease that we are allowed one domestic dog or cat and the landlord says we arent allowed to have one when it clearly says it in the lease is there anything we could do about it?

July 06, 2013
Andrew: ...
I am a Landlord.

To becky fenyves: Check your rental contract. Next time, call to the main office and inform them that you are having a guest over with ABC-1234 license plate.

To Terri B.: no, pet deposits are never refundable unless specifically noted in the contract. Roughly 10% of pets are bad pets and bad pets do a lot of damage to rental units. Now-a-days the new terminology is 'pet fee' to end confusion about pet deposits.

To kelsey kelly: The Landlord has to abide by his own contract. If you signed it and he/his representative signed it, he is stuck. However, landlords can evict without just reasoning, so ehhh.... Maybe first inform him NICELY about his own contract on a day when he isn't busy?

Being nice and respectful to landlords goes a LONG WAY. When I need to raise rent because everything else is going up in price on my end (Lowes Home Improvement had about a 40% inflation rate on a lot of their goods from last year to this year, for example), I do not raise rent on tenants who are nice and respectful.

July 07, 2013
JP: ...
We had put in our 30 day notice to vacate a house we were renting ( been there for over 3 years and been on a month to month for last 2 plus years). We had to agree to meet the landlord mid month to turn in keys early as he had someone scheduled to rent effective that following business day. It has now been over 2 months since our notice, 45 days since we turned over our keys and we cant get a response from him on our security deposit, the prorate for our partial month since he asked for keys early, etc. We have not seen a repair or expense report for move out repairs needed either. What should we do if he will not communicate with us.

July 24, 2013
laurab: ...
i need a lot of help with my question. i have an owner of my building but that owner goes through a rental agency. Unfortunately for me and my pockets i have been having to pay my rent late. almost for as long as this agency has been over my building. 1.5 years. i pay my late fee and i still pay within the month that it is due. However, today i received a late notice for the month ( of course) but an attached note saying that from here on out that they will be making note of anyone paying the rent late 2 out 6 months and making that tenant eligible for eviction. i responded to this email with what i noted above and the fact that there is no where in my lease does it state this. I was told that i need to read the TN landlord tenact act because that trumps all leases. is this anywhere near the truth? is there anything that i can do to do prevent this? since my husband lost his job and the way my bills fall and get paid this is how i have to do things. the last thing i can afford is to move. please someone give me some clarification on this. thanks so much

August 16, 2013
Michelle Baker: ...
I am a landlord. Tried eviction through the courts in Tennessee. Served 30 day eviction for non payment of rent first of July 2013. Accepted partial late payment of june rent in July and did not realize that acceptance of funds voided the eviction notification until we were in civil court and the tenants legal aid lawyer brought this to the court's attention. Questions are if we have now served another eviction notice for the month of August giving 30 days and they are due out by Sept. 20, then it is correct that we can not accept any over due rent during this eviction period. We have received no rent for July, or August? Do we have to wait for 30 days to pass before seeking aid from the civil court to remove these tenants? And finally if we request repayment for past due rent, court fees, and lawyers fees then can tenants that receive disability checks have their primary income checks garnished?

August 23, 2013
Sheena: ...
If I do not have a lease am I required to pay a whole months rent if we move in the middle of the month when I have given 3 1/2 weeks notice?

January 24, 2014

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