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Virginia Code Title 55 > Chapter 11.1 - Disposition of Unclaimed Property

Virginia Code > Title 55 > Chapter 11.1 - Disposition of Unclaimed Property

Current as of: 2011
§ 55-210.1Citation of chapter
§ 55-210.2Definitions
§ 55-210.2:1Property presumed abandoned; general rule
§ 55-210.2:2General rules for taking custody of intangible unclaimed property
§ 55-210.3Description unavailable
§ 55-210.3:01Bank deposits and funds in financial organizations
§ 55-210.3:02Travelers' checks and money orders
§ 55-210.3:1Description unavailable
§ 55-210.3:2Checks, drafts and similar instruments issued or certified by banking and financial organization...
§ 55-210.3:3Contents of safe deposit box or other safekeeping repository
§ 55-210.4Description unavailable
§ 55-210.4:01Funds owing under life insurance policies
§ 55-210.4:1When intangible personal property held by insurance corporation subject to { 55-210.2:1
§ 55-210.4:2Unclaimed demutualization proceeds
§ 55-210.5Deposits held by utilities
§ 55-210.6Description unavailable
§ 55-210.6:1When intangible interest in business association presumed abandoned
§ 55-210.6:2Refunds held by business associations
§ 55-210.7Property of business associations held in course of dissolution
§ 55-210.8When intangible personal property held in fiduciary capacity presumed abandoned
§ 55-210.8:1Gift certificates and credit balances
§ 55-210.8:2Wages
§ 55-210.9When intangible property held for owner by public agency presumed abandoned
§ 55-210.9:1Property held by courts
§ 55-210.9:2Responsibilities of general receiver and clerk
§ 55-210.10Description unavailable
§ 55-210.10:1Employee benefit trust distribution
§ 55-210.10:2Holder of tangible or intangible personal property may voluntarily report same
§ 55-210.11When certain property not presumed abandoned in this Commonwealth
§ 55-210.11:01Interstate agreements and cooperation
§ 55-210.11:1Description unavailable
§ 55-210.12Report and remittance to be made by holder of funds or property presumed abandoned; holder to exerc...
§ 55-210.12:1Description unavailable
§ 55-210.13Notices to be published by State Treasurer
§ 55-210.14Description unavailable
§ 55-210.15Holder relieved of liability for property paid or delivered to administrator; payment to owner by h...
§ 55-210.16Description unavailable
§ 55-210.16:1Crediting of dividends, interest, or increments to owner's account
§ 55-210.17Periods of limitation
§ 55-210.18Sale of abandoned property by administrator
§ 55-210.18:1When securities received in name of owner
§ 55-210.19Disposition of funds received under chapter; records to be kept by administrator
§ 55-210.20Filing claim to property or proceeds of sale thereof
§ 55-210.21Consideration of and hearing on claim by State Treasurer; payment; interest
§ 55-210.22Judicial review of decision of State Treasurer
§ 55-210.23Election of State Treasurer not to receive property or to postpone taking possession of fund...
§ 55-210.24Requests for verified reports and examinations of records
§ 55-210.24:1Retention of records
§ 55-210.24:2Confidentiality of information and records
§ 55-210.25Enforcement of chapter
§ 55-210.26Description unavailable
§ 55-210.26:1Interest and penalties
§ 55-210.27Determinations; appeal procedures; rules and regulations of State Treasurer
§ 55-210.27:1Agreements to locate reported property; penalty
§ 55-210.28Property presumed abandoned or escheated under laws of another state
§ 55-210.28:1Property held or payable pursuant to Title 51.1
§ 55-210.29Construction of chapter
§ 55-210.30Severability


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