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Virginia Code Title 55 > Chapter 13.2 - Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

Virginia Code > Title 55 > Chapter 13.2 - Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

Current as of: 2011
§ 55-248.2Short title
§ 55-248.3Purposes of chapter
§ 55-248.3:1Applicability of chapter
§ 55-248.4Definitions
§ 55-248.5Exemptions; exception to exemption
§ 55-248.6Notice
§ 55-248.6:1Application fees
§ 55-248.7Terms and conditions of rental agreement; copy for tenant
§ 55-248.7:1Prepaid rent; maintenance of escrow account
§ 55-248.7:2Landlord may obtain certain insurance for tenant
§ 55-248.8Effect of unsigned or undelivered rental agreement
§ 55-248.9Prohibited provisions in rental agreements
§ 55-248.9:1Confidentiality of tenant records
§ 55-248.10Description unavailable
§ 55-248.10:1Landlord and tenant remedies for abuse of access
§ 55-248.11Description unavailable
§ 55-248.11:1Inspection of premises
§ 55-248.11:2Disclosure of mold in dwelling units
§ 55-248.12Disclosure
§ 55-248.12:1Required disclosures for properties located adjacent to a military air installation; remedy for non...
§ 55-248.12:2Required disclosures for properties with defective drywall; remedy for nondisclosure.
§ 55-248.13Landlord to maintain fit premises
§ 55-248.13:1Landlord to provide locks and peepholes
§ 55-248.13:2Access of tenant to cable, satellite and other television facilities
§ 55-248.13:3Notice to tenants for insecticide or pesticide use
§ 55-248.14Limitation of liability
§ 55-248.15Tenancy at will; effect of notice of change of terms or provisions of tenancy
§ 55-248.15:1Security deposits
§ 55-248.15:2Schedule of interest rates on security deposits
§ 55-248.16Tenant to maintain dwelling unit
§ 55-248.17Rules and regulations
§ 55-248.18Access; consent; correction of nonemergency conditions; relocation of tenant
§ 55-248.18:1Access following entry of certain court orders.
§ 55-248.18:2Relocation of tenant where mold remediation needs to be performed in the dwelling unit
§ 55-248.19Use and occupancy by tenant
§ 55-248.20Tenant to surrender possession of dwelling unit
§ 55-248.21Noncompliance by landlord
§ 55-248.21:1Early termination of rental agreement by military personnel
§ 55-248.22Failure to deliver possession
§ 55-248.23Wrongful failure to supply heat, water, hot water or essential services
§ 55-248.24Fire or casualty damage
§ 55-248.25Landlord's noncompliance as defense to action for possession for nonpayment of rent
§ 55-248.25:1Rent escrow required for continuance of tenant's case
§ 55-248.26Tenant's remedies for landlord's unlawful ouster, exclusion or diminution of service
§ 55-248.27Tenant's assertion; rent escrow
§ 55-248.31Noncompliance with rental agreement; monetary penalty
§ 55-248.31:01Barring guest or invitee of tenants
§ 55-248.31:1Sheriffs authorized to serve certain notices; fees therefor
§ 55-248.32Remedy by repair, etc.; emergencies
§ 55-248.33Remedies for absence, nonuse and abandonment
§ 55-248.34Description unavailable
§ 55-248.34:1Landlord's acceptance of rent with reservation
§ 55-248.35Remedy after termination
§ 55-248.36Recovery of possession limited
§ 55-248.37Periodic tenancy; holdover remedies
§ 55-248.38Description unavailable
§ 55-248.38:1Disposal of property abandoned by tenants
§ 55-248.38:2Authority of sheriffs to store and sell personal property removed from residential premises; recove...
§ 55-248.38:3Disposal of property of deceased tenants
§ 55-248.39Retaliatory conduct prohibited
§ 55-248.40Actions to enforce chapter


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Virginia Code Title 55 > Chapter 13 - Landlord and Tenant
Virginia Code Title 55 > Chapter 13.1 - Rent Control
Virginia Code Title 55 > Chapter 13.2 - Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

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