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Wisconsin Statutes 82.50 - Town road standards

Wisconsin Statutes > Chapter 82 > Subchapter IV > 82.50

Current as of: 2013

   (1)   The following minimum geometric design standards are established for improvements on town roads: - See PDF for table PDF

     (a)    Local service, intermittent traffic

        1.    Right-of-way3 rods

        2.    Roadway width20 feet

        3.    Surface width16 feet

     (b)    Under 100 ADT

        1.    Right-of-way3 rods

        2.    Roadway width24 feet

        3.    Surface width18 feet

        4.    Maximum grades9%-11%

     (c)    100 to 250 ADT

        1.    Right-of-way4 rods

        2.    Roadway width26 feet

        3.    Surface width20 feet

        4.    Maximum grades8%-11%

     (d)    251 to 400 ADT

        1.    Right-of-way4 rods

        2.    Roadway width32 feet

        3.    Surface width22 feet

        4.    Maximum grades6%-8%

        5.    Curvature 6°-12.5°

     (e)    401 to 1,000 ADT

        1.    Right-of-way4 rods

        2.    Roadway width34 feet

        3.    Surface width22 feet

        4.    Maximum grades5%-8%

        5.    Curvature5 °-12.5°

     (f)    1,001 to 2,400 ADT

        1.    Right-of-way4 rods

        2.    Roadway width44 feet

        3.    Surface width24 feet

        4.    Maximum grades5%-7%

        5.    Curvature4.5°-7.5°

     (g)    Over 2,400 State trunk standards

   (2)   The department may approve deviations from the minimum standards in special cases where the strict application of the standards is impractical and where such deviation is not contrary to the public interest and safety and the intent of this section.

   (3)   This section does not apply to improvements on town roads existing on October 1, 1992.

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Shawn McFarlane: ...
We have a small cul de sac road with under 100 adt. Wondering why city wants to have 4 rod right of way? Is that legal?

July 09, 2013

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