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Wisconsin Statutes 86.105 - Snow removal in private driveways

Wisconsin Statutes > Chapter 86 > 86.105

Current as of: 2013

The governing body of any county, town, city or village may enter into contracts to remove snow from private roads and driveways.

86.105 Annotation This section must be construed narrowly. Plowing of private parking lots is not authorized. Only in exceptional circumstances would plowing private driveways be permissible. 67 Atty. Gen. 304.

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Daniel R Schuh: ...
My son and I own land in Manitowoc county,We do not live on this land but it has a barn on it...The person next to us keep plowing his snow into are field and on the driveway leading up to the barn.DO we have the right in telling him to stop doing it? We don,t like the gravel he is plowing into the field when he is plowing the snow ,,,What is are best way in stop this?

January 07, 2013

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